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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petite Knives



While I was polishing some silver last night, I realized I had a Three or More Tuesday right in my hands.  I hope you’ll join our hostess Tam over at The Gypsy’s Corner to see other three or more blog posts.  It’s always interesting!




You may have heard me say this before, but I love silver.  I really don’t even mind polishing it.  I love OLD silver in particular.    Here is one set I have ~~~~~~~

knives 009



And another ~~~~~~~~~        Both of these are by Wm Rogers & Son

knives 011

















Here is my third display of knives.  I am assuming all of these are butter knives, but if anyone can tell me differently, I’d love to hear your thoughts or knowledge.  What’s up with the curved handle?  Anyone know?

knives 013



Some closeup details…


Aren’t they so pretty?

knives 014



knives 015



knives 008 knives 007



It’s hard to photograph silver but I keep trying


knives 005


This set isn’t as shiny as the other and have spots I can’t get out.  Does this mean there isn’t as much silver in them?

knives 001


Isn’t it odd I have five of each?  Did they come in sets of five?

knives 003



So many questions I have today. 


LillyB said...

These are so pretty!! I share your love of these things but I do not enjoy polishing them! I have a very pretty tea pot that I got at a yard sale for $2.00 and it is horrible. I have polished and scrubbed to no avail. Can you recommend anything to help get the black off?
thanks so much!

stitching under oaks said...

They are all so pretty. I love the one with the shell detailing. Do you use them? I have some silver butter knives too, but I never think to pull them out and use them.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Donna,
Oh you have such a beautiful collection of silver petite knives. All lovely my friend.

Have a wonderful day.
~Melissa :)

marmielu said...

Another interesting collection! Do you display them? I particularly like the first photo and the pattern with the shell motif. The twist makes it extra interesting. I have my mother's silver, which is in a lined silver case. Good thing, because I don't like to polish it. The case, however, is a nice piece in it's own right.
Mary Lou

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What pretty details on those pieces!! :)

Anonymous said...

They are all such delicate patterns. I don't know anything about silver other than it is very pretty.

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

I started laughing when I saw your post! I thought about when we first met and how you loved polishing silver! YUCK! And I avoid it as long as I can! Mine needs it so badly! Your knives are darling! God Bless you today! Lauralu :)

Domestic Designer said...

I love your pretty! Are you still doing beans? I thought I would switch to corn and peaches....just to add a little more fun to the mix!LOL Have a great day!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

You know how much I love silver,of any sort!! Glad you came by,the table is NEW...from Homesense(Homegoods)can you believe it!! Have a good week,Chrissy

Kelley said...

I love your silver knife collection. I like polishing too!
It's so fun to take something dull and make it sparkle and shine. My daughter is in love with the yellow bike on your blog banner.

Kelley said...
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Paula@SweetPea said...

I love looking at the beautiful patterns of old silver. It is rewarding to polish and have it look shiny and pretty, even if it only lasts a few weeks. You have a great collection!

Marla said...

Donna, I love polishing silver too. I love your collection of knives. My collection is void of knives. You can see my recent post on the family silver that has recently fallen into my hands. I am new to blogging and I hope you will visit me some time. I am at Marla