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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you noticed?

They are everywhere?

Birds, that is…..

bird windchime 002

This sweet windchime is maybe my favorite find of the year so far.  Guess where it was discovered?

                  TJ Maxx! :)



I would venture to say that birds are as popular now as geese were in the 80’s.  Now that’s a pretty strong statement. 

Remember (those of you young enough) how much we loved geese with country blue?  Now birds seem to appearing in every form, color and texture.

My daughter recently found these pictures hanging in my downstairs bathroom.


bird pictures 003



She was a bit discouraged when I told her they were found on one of my Thrift Store runs.  She doesn’t have much time to scour Thrift shops like I do.  She loved the vintage feel of them.  It surprises me that at her young age of 26 she is loving these feathered beauties as much as I am.

Remember recently I showed you this fabric we are going to make a wall hanging with and hang in her new living room?


fabrics 010



Yesterday during a quick stop at the Thrift store I found these….


bird pictures 001


I think she is going to like them.  I personally love the red frames, but so far I don’t think she is decorating with reds.  They would be pretty painted bronze or black or maybe even latte.  I think we’ll wait until she is moved in and her treasures in place before painting.


Yesterday was a good thrifting day.  I also found this for…….


bird pictures 005

Are you ready?


99 cents!  woohoo!

Shall I leave it this color or would she (I’m sure it’s a she) be prettier in a different color?



Last summer I found this little chubby at my mom’s church auction


bird pictures 007

This was right at $1.00 as well.  Also thinking of painting her because I don’t have much in silver.


I think Jamie will be happy with my find for her and I’ll keep these hanging in my guest bath for now…


bird pictures 004


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I {heart} Step Aerobics

When I find a form of exercise I really like it is best I just stick with it.  Such is the case with step aerobics. 



For four years now my alarm has gone off just before 5:00 a.m. three days a week.  Yes, you read that right, and no I don’t think I’m crazy.  My friend and I joined this step class and we really, really like it. It meets early because so many must race home and get ready for work.

If you are looking for a new exercise routine or one you might be able to stick with, I offer two suggestions.  Find a class with a really good instructor who likes to change things around frequently.  It is so nice to have variety to keep the class from getting stale and boring.  Number Two ~~ grab a friend to exercise with you.  Having an accountability partner is definitely a major reason I have stuck with this class.  During quick water breaks, we watch the clock together and complain about how energetic our teacher is (even though we love her!)  the whole time we wipe the sweat off our brow.   We even fantasize about leaving and going to Starbucks instead of finishing the class. 

But in reality, we stick it out for the 48 (or so) minutes of step which includes hand weights while stepping and about 12 minutes of abs work followed by 2-4 minutes of cool down to Barry Manilow.  Barry now has new meaning.  It means the end of class has come!  We LOVE Barry! ha!  By reading this it sounds like we really don’t like the class.  We actually really do.  It’s a very good workout and we KNOW we have worked out.  I have brought my cholesterol numbers down as well and maintained my weight through my 50’s.


Tomorrow morning my daughter Jamie is picking me up at 6:15.  Her boyfriend and cousin are running a half marathon.  We are going to walk a 10K, which is 6.2 miles.  We aren’t in it for the race and time.  We just enjoy walking together and she wanted to do this since her b/f is in the run.  Trouble is, the temps are suppose to get down into the 30’s by early morning.!  brrrrr  As soon as i finish this post I’m going to dig out my gloves and Yes, maybe even a scarf!


What is your favorite form of exercise?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Up Close and Personal

I just had to share with you this photo I captured a couple of days ago.  My neighbor and I were out talking in her back yard about birds, of course.  She was mentioning how no hummingbirds were coming to this glass feeder.

About 3 minutes after she said that, here was a visitor!

birds singing mothers day 004

I have never been this close to a hummingbird.  This is the female.  The male came just a few minutes later, in full blown color.


We could actually hear them before we could see them, with their fast beating wings.  It was truly amazing to be so close.


birds singing mothers day 003


birds singing mothers day 002


As far as our bluebirds, my neighbor now has five little babies that hatched a week ago.


Day 051309 (17)




This is the mother sitting on top of the house.  Sorry it’s blurry.  I forgot to switch my camera over to distance setting.





birds singing mothers day 001


As far as my blue bird house ~~~~~  I have a family of wrens setting up residency.  :(  I’m a little sad it isn’t blue birds, but wrens do have a beautiful song. 



I’m going out right now to start planting my flowers.  It’s a little breezy and chilly, but the sun’s out.  I do hope you have a fun weekend planned.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Gardening Tablescape

Several years ago I realized a dream of mine by opening a little store.  With the help of an enthusiastic friend we started a tiny but quaint shop called Through the Garden Gate in our little down town district.  As the name implies it was filled with things we loved that had to do with birds and flowers and warmth of home.  My silk florals were sold there as well, so it definitely had a garden feel.

We decided we wanted to add a line of dishes.  While scouring market we came upon a line from a company called Hartstone.  They are now out of business, but they carried pieces that fit so well into our look.  It was at this time, ten years ago that I heard the word Tablescape for the first time.

For Mother’s Day last weekend our family gathered for a quiet little brunch for ten….as quiet as you can get it with three children six and under!  We really don’t enjoy going to a restaurant on a busy day, waiting for a table with three hungry little boys.  Eating at home was a better option.

spring dishes 006

I started my table with these dishes I found the day after Easter for a dollar a piece.  Oh, how I wished I had picked up more than eight.  I had to improvise by adding some white ones to have enough.

spring dishes 013


I used seed packets for color and to carry on the gardening theme.

The fabric was a fat quarter I picked up while in Texas.  I just folded the ends under.  It gave some fun color beneath the lidded glass centerpiece.


spring dishes 004I

Here is a closeup of some of the salad plates.

I just love their whimsical look.

spring dishes 001



I didn’t have enough matching napkins and napkin rings, so I made do by mixing others.spring dishes 003

spring dishes 002

spring dishes 009



These are the little salt and pepper shakers I found for $1 at an antique store close out.   Did I show you these before?

spring dishes 007


This pitcher is one of my all time favorites.

spring dishes 011



These candlesticks were a find from my mom’s church auction last summer.  I was almost the only one bidding.  I may have paid $2.50 for these, but not even sure it was that much!  What fun I had at that sale!spring dishes 008


Thank you Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday once again.  It truly is a favorite of mine.  I love seeing what all of you do with your tables.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think you might like these


It isn’t often I try a product that I am just crazy over.  The two I’m talking about today are the exception.


While visiting friends in Texas we stopped at a fun, locally owned restaurant for well needed chocolate and iced tea.  While visiting their ladies’ room I discovered this wonderful soap!  It’s by Dial, as you can see and it’s called Yogurt Vanilla Honey nourishing hand wash.  It has the most wonderful smell that I liked so well that I couldn’t wait to come home and purchase some for my own bathroom.  I’ve always heard Dial makes a very good antibacterial soap.  It’s an added bonus that it also smells heavenly.





dial 001


dial 002







I know this product has been around for awhile but just in case you haven’t discovered it, I thought I would share it with you too.






It’s called Simple Pleasures, Lavender and Vanilla by Downy.


You will find yourself sniffing your clothes as you are putting them away.  ummDowny Ultra Concentrated Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener, Vanilla & Lavender, 35 Ldmmm……


I know they have other scents in this Simple Pleasures line, but I like this one so well, I haven’t wanted to try the others.


Have any of you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



                      topiaries 001


Do you love them?     

         {why does it look crooked in the picture?  It doesn’t in person ~~ really!}


I think most people do.  To me they are just such a classic look and so versatile, working strongly in so many areas like mantles, dressers, and sofa tables.  These sold out quickly at my spring show and I just received a new shipment.  This time I’m grabbing one for myself before they are gone again.  ;)

There are many versions of this time tested form and in my experience most people like them with the exception of men….isn’t that interesting?PICT0042            


trees 008


Just ordered some of these trees today to possibly place in a bank entrance ~~ two of them flanking the entry doors.  The one pictured is an old, rather sorry one of mine.




topiaries 002



I have a new award and a new friend!  Peggy at Peg’s Life in the Button Jar has given me this sweet award:



Go over and say hi to Peggy.  She does the most amazing things with a pair of scissors.  You have GOT to see her talents with papercutting.  I had no idea people did such things ~~~ Her TALENT is something else! 


This is such a fun part of blogging ~~ meeting new friends and learning all the fun projects that others enjoy doing.


            and my project for the day is



Til next time   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

       enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspired by Friend and Fabric


fabrics 010



Well I recently returned from a short trip to Texas with my daughter and promised to give a little glimpse of our fun.  I am so fortunate to have a good friend I’ve kept up with for 24 years!  This friend, Glenda has a daughter who is best friends with my youngest daughter.  They met when they were three!  We haven’t lived in the same town for many, many years ~~ however our friendships have remained strong.  We try to get together as a foursome whenever possible.


Glenda and Emily live in the “hill country” area of Texas.  There are so many quaint towns just full of charm.  We enjoyed a couple of days of antiquing, having lunch in old, restored buildings that have turned into pure fun, gift shops and just doing what girls love to do.  One day we all four lined up and had pedicures at the same time.  Glenda’s husband is a chef and he would have yummy home cooked meals waiting for us when we returned!


When I was a young, newly married woman I loved to sew.  Fabric and yarn really inspired me. Often times I would wake up in the night and finish a project being so full of enthusiasm.  Once my silk floral business took off I didn’t allow myself time for sewing any longer.  I did make a pieced quilt for my first grandson, but he is now six.  I’m afraid my machine is going to need servicing, but I am so excited to create with fabric once again.

fabrics 001

Glenda is expecting her third grandchild this summer and she is now sewing once again.  She is making bibs, burp clothes and blankets made out of a soft cloth called “minkie”.  Have you heard of it?  She took me into a fabric store that was so much fun!  They had a lot of vintage fabrics which my daughter just loved.  I purchased several “fat quarters” for pillow making and some minkie for pillowcases for my grandsons.



fabrics 011



fabrics 012

Won’t these fabrics be so classy and fun with my daughter’s vintage chairs?  She has two of these chairs and is excited to pair these with her new ginger colored couch. 

blue chair 004

The fabric at the top of this post with the birds is one that my daughter and I fell in love with.  We are either going to put it in a big old frame and use as a picture or wrap it around foam core.   We are going to do a few of these pictured below with other fabrics.  Cute and inexpensive way to introduce more color into my daughter’s new apt.

fabrics 004



This is the House Cat at the fabric store.

She was trying so hard to have her morning bath while I was trying to get her to pose for this picture!

fabrics 009



There’s just something about going out of town that revives the soul in so many ways.  I’m anxious to find a new spot for my sewing machine that has just been sitting in the way for years.  Glenda purchased a new Janome recently.  I’ll really have to get inspired before purchasing a new machine!


Do you sew?  I’d love to hear about your projects!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Once Upon a Time

    I was a baby……






I’m back!  Sorry to have slipped away without notice.  My daughter and I took a little trip to Texas.  First we were going, then because of something to do with pigs we weren’t.  Then we decided if the CDC was saying not to cancel travel plans that we should just go.  I’ve never done such fast packing to catch our plane!  We had a great time, but that’s a story for another day.

Today, I’m joining Barb again for What’s on your Wall Wednesday!

pictures 004

click to enlarge

This framed collage is hanging in our master bedroom.  It’s a little slip/dress my Granny made while my mom was expecting me.  I think it’s safe to say it’s old enough to classify as Antique. 

As you can see, I had a baby picture of little ole me added

as well as my hospital bracelet.  Just for interest  and color there is a floral bundle.  If you look very, very closely you can see my baby ring dangling from the flower bouquet.  It’s hard to see, but isn’t it a lovely surprise when your eye falls upon that sweet little keepsake??

I have a few other pieces of clothing that I was considering.  This is the only one that I strongly considered.  My mother made it.  Isn’t it interesting that she would know even before I was born I would love kitty cats?

baby clothes 004

This is another little slip my Granny made.

baby clothes 002

I love this little sweater dress, but without looking more than a glance you will see the obvious problem.  Someone (don’t know who) started crocheting this and never finished.  Years later someone (?) finished it with different yarn.  I’ve never known exactly how to correct it, so it has stayed quite two toned.

baby clothes 003

I’m very eager to take a look around Blogland to see what you’ve been up to while I was traveling.  I’m going to start with Barb’s Grits and Glamour to see what’s on YOUR walls! :)

baby clothes 007