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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I (used to) Have the Laundry Room Blues




Laundry room 003

Yah! I’m a winner!  Debra over at the Bungalow had a drawing for a new cleaner for washers.  Many of us with front load washing machines it seems share a mutual problem.  Stinky washers!  I had read about this problem in reviews when we were choosing our new HE washer and dryer but thought it couldn’t be that bad with these new and improved ways of doing laundry.


Well it is just that bad.   Often times I can smell a sort of musty and very unpleasant odor coming from an area where I like to smell soap and freshness.  There have been a few times I wish I had my old washer back again.


Now enter my winning prize!


laundry room

This is suppose to solve all my stinky problems.  Thank you very much, Debra! :)  I ‘ll let you know how it works once it arrives and I’ve had time to try it.  Does anyone else have this problem with their front load washer?


While we’re on this room, I’ll share an area next to my stinky washer.  Love my deep sink.  All the years I had little children with their messy, stained clothes I could have used this big sink.  And yes, I even used cloth diapers and soaked them in the toilet.   It’s still very handy having this nice feature in our new house even without a big family around.




Laundry room 002
















Does anyone love this saying as much as me?  I had permission last summer from Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry to use this.  I was helping my decorator friend come up with all sorts of accessories decorating an entire house for a big city wide Dream House tour.  I thought this was perfect for the laundry room.  It came home with me after the week long tour.




Laundry room 004


















Enjoy doing what you love to do today during the midst of summertime!

Laundry room 005


Don’t forget to stop and say hello so I know you were here!


Lynette said...

Can't say I have that problem with my LR - I have an old top loading one - love that saying though!!

I've "reavealed" my ETSY store and I'm having a giveaway this week on my blog. Come check it out and be sure to register. When you go to my ETSY shop, see if you can see what I was thinking of for you the other day, OK?

Happy Tuesday -

Nancy said...

That's interesting about the smell with the new washers. I haven't heard that. Still have the old ones so I haven't encountered that. Hope your new product works.

Sandra said...

Yep, i've heard about the musty smell with the front load washers. I'll have to pass your tip along to my friends, for sure. :)

Nancy Rosalina said...

Oh I relate to the smelly washer thing...Let us know how that stuff works!
I love the sign...but it's that clock that keeps calling my name...I love it!!! Nancy

Domestic Designer said...

I really love the saying! So true! Have a great day!

marmielu said...

Hi, Donna!
Is that problem only on front loaders? My regular machine gets a little like that, too. Maybe I need to investigate this.
I like that little quote.
Mary Lou

Lynette said...

It was the framed "Queen Bee" - I was working on that when you did your "winged critter" post and had all the little bees and such posted and thought of you when I saw your blog post and how cute that would look mingling with all your other winged creatures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! I've been thinking my next washer would be a front loader since my current one goes out of balance sooo much! Now I may have to rethink that! Never ever would have even occurred that they would smell??!! Thanks for the tip!!! Love the sign also! Have a great week - Sincerely, Jeannette

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I just love your laundry room! So pretty!!! :)

Tootsie said...

don't have that issue yet...but I have a new set too...I suppose that it doesn't have time to stink...I use it too much! lol
but...if it ever does...I know what to do now!

Paula@SweetPea said...

I hadn't heard about the smelling problem with front loader washers. I hope that your product does the trick to get rid of the musty smells.

I love your sign and it looks so cute over your big sink!

Colleen Wms said...

Don't have a front loader but I have hear that complaint from some friend's that do.
Love the sink in the laundry room. I have 2 young children and ever since they were in newborn clothes I wished I had a sink in there to help.
The saying is perfect. I do find sorting and starting up the laundry every day kind of peaceful.
The one I keep showing my friend's when they come to visit is: Cleaning your house while the kids are still growing... Is like shovelling snow before it stops snowing".
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...haven't heard about that problem but thanks for the heads up since we are thinking about a new washer. wonder why that happens? They used to put those big wash tubs in the old homes all the time, usually in the basements. I soaked diapers in the toilets then into a diaper pail for more soaking. wonder if anyone does that these days?

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That's why I haven't bought a front loader (that and the price!). I keep hearing about these problems, and I'm waiting for them to improve it before I start looking at them. Hope your prize works. Great saying. laurie

Lynn said...

Hi Donna,
I love your laundry room saying. E. B. White is my very favorite writer :) I hope you don't mind, I just linked to your July 17 post with your creamy cucumber recipe. It is yummy! I've made it a couple of times already. Our garden is starting to get inundated with the hugest cucumbers. Your dish makes a great side dish with lunch or dinner. Thank you!! A new family favorite. :)

Q said...

Thanks fo rthe tip...I have a front loader and so far no the saying so very true! Nice laundry room and that sink is wonderful. I nedd it for washing bird feeders!

Diana LaMarre said...

How interesting that I came here and you were writing about your smelly washer. My friend at work just got done telling me the same thing about her FL washer! It sounds unpleasant. I hope the cleaner you won works.

Anne said...

We've had a front loader for about 9 years and the towels were beginning to smell terrible. There was an article about the product in our newspaper about a year ago, so I ordered it. Amazing stuff! Everything smells so much better, the inside of my washer is so pretty (no black spots..ick) and I wish I could get back all those towels I ended up throwing away! You're gonna love it!!!

sheila from life @ #17 said...

When I saw the first photograph I thought you won a new washer & dryer!!!!

But Smelly Washer stuff is good too :)

Peg said...

Pretty new laundry room! I haven't noticed that my front loading washer smells bad... but now that you mentioned it, I will probably start inhaling deeply when I am removing the clothes.

The stinky thing I notice around here is my kitchen dishrag. I've tried soaking in hydrogen peroxide and microwaving them... both helps some but doesn't totally get rid of the smell. Any ideas???

Anonymous said...

I love the saying - it's cute as can be!