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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Hurrah for Fall

Thanksgiving Table 2008 004

All along I have been thinking Mr. Brown Socks and I would be hosting Thanksgiving in our home as we normally do.  Lo and behold my sister in law offered to have it!  It didn’t take me long to say “why yes we’ll come.  Thank you very much!”

Thanksgiving Table 2008 003

On the heels of my silk Christmas show it is a treat to not have to cook for so many this year.  I might actually get a little Christmas decorating done this weekend too.

Thanksgiving Table 2008 002

Since I don’t have to set a Thanksgiving table this year, I hope you don’t mind if I share my table from last year when I was just a young blogger.  Oh, you may be surprised to learn that I do have other dishes besides my brown transferware!  They have really gotten good use this fall. :)


Thanksgiving Table 2008 001

Thank you so much Susan for encouraging us to set pretty tables and to offer such a fun way for us to share our dishes and accessories.  Between Naps on the Porch is SUCH an inspiration.  It is one of the things I am very thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve.



Wishing all my blogging buddies the best Thanksgiving ever.  I hope you have much to be thankful for just as I do.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to my Christmas Show

 Christmas show 2009 008

Come on in!  It’s warm and festive inside.  I hope you don’t mind placing these booties over your shoes.  This little favor you do for me keeps my husband happy.  :)  I’ve provided a little bench for you to sit on.

Christmas show 2009 010

Little Magnolia is my official greeter.  She slept through pretty much the whole show by the way.  She found a chair or pillow to perch on.  Everyone was amazed that she slept through so much commotion.  I told them she was “faux” like the plants! ;)

Christmas show 2009 011

~~There are lots of goodies for you to nibble on while you make your decisions ~~~

Christmas Show 2007 002

The next part of my post is where I join in with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  I am playing along with Met Monday to show you some before and after shots of containers I painted.


Met Monday

This lantern is one I found at my local suppliers.  It was sort of a galvanized metal that had no “umpf” to it at all.  But!  I had a vision!

fall plate 005


I used Oil Rubbed Bronze paint by Krylon to turn this lantern into something that looks like it came from Pottery Barn.  Kammy at Little House in the Country turned my attention to this fabulous paint.  I am going through it like crazy!  It’s a great tool to change something blah into a work of beauty!!

Silk Thumb Christmas 2009 002





I’m not sure if this transformation is as clear, but this piece looked rather dated until the magic of krylon paint.

fall plate 004

It gave the metal a much richer look.

Silk Thumb Christmas 2009 004


This one was pure shiny white….

Silk Thumb Christmas 2009 007



Here’s a dated looking gold urn.  Really it wasn’t too bad, BUT

fall plate 006


Isn’t it gorgeous now???

 Silk Thumb Christmas 2009 006


Lastly we have a VEDY, VEDY shiny jingle bells tray  ~~~~~

Silk Thumb Christmas 008


that turned into a Winter Wonderland!   I also spritzed it with some textured snow paint to give it more depth.  As cute as it is, this piece did not sell.

Silk Thumb Christmas 2009 011


I still have this one too.  My mind keeps saying ~~~ Try opening an Etsy Shop!




Silk Thumb Christmas 001


Join Susan for great makeovers and some really good ideas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So who wants a preview of the Christmas Show?


Some of you asked to see what I’m working on for my show, so here are a few pictures.


Talk about going green….it looks like I’m doing just that! 

Silk Thumb Christmas 001 Here’s something for the non traditionalist.



And a close up…                                                                 I do love this vibrant green for Christmas.  It’s such a rich look and also goes so prettily (yes, prettily!) with red as you will see on down this post.

Silk Thumb Christmas 002



Here’s a sconce that would work well for the winter months after the Christmas decorations have all come down.  This would be great on a red wall or front door.  Yum!

Silk Thumb Christmas 003


I won’t disappoint the traditionalist because I am one myself.  See how pretty the red and bright green work together?  There is some brown in this too.

Silk Thumb Christmas 004



Another closeup

Silk Thumb Christmas 005



Any poinsettia lovers?  I really would like to know if you like poinsettias!

Silk Thumb Christmas 006


That’s it for a little preview.  Everything will look nicer once it’s set up for the show.  The set up process begins tomorrow.  I’m having to use every minute.  This really does take lots of time to turn my home into a store for three days!  Luckily my friend Susan always likes to come help!


I’ll be back with more pictures next time.  Do come again, won’t you? 


Tis Almost the Season!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keeping Fall in my Heart


As I work hard to create many Christmas arrangements for my show next week, I continue to love the reminders of Fall.

fall pears 003



My home is filling up with red berries, evergreen garlands and other signs of Christmas but there is nothing that gives me a more comforting contentment than the browns, oranges and deep reds of autumn.




I found a pair of these mugs just to enjoy for the month of November.

fall plate 003



Pretty plates and bronzed pumpkins speak of late autumn before winter really sets in.

Thanksgiving 2009


A little glitz is appreciated during November as well, don’t you think?

Thanksgiving 2007 033



Thanksgiving 2007 003



Thanksgiving Table 2008 006



And lastly, one of my favorite bowls I purchased at Nell Hills a few years back. 

It seems fallish right now, however I do enjoy it year round.

fall plate 002

Join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for a dish lover’s dream.  You will find gorgeous dishes and tablescapes.


Tablescape Thursday


And now back to Christmas for me!!  :-{ 

                                          Thanks for stopping by,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy as Santa’s Elves

Hey there!  I know I’ve been missing but you KNOW I always have a good reason! ;) 


My daughter and I are working on some initial plans for her upcoming wedding and at the same time I’m trying to create over 100 floral arrangements for my Christmas show which is just two short weeks away.  Wow!  There’s always so much going on!


I’m changing gears from THIS:  (By far the largest cornucopia I have ever put together!!)


cornucopia traditional



cornucopia 004





  To containers of THIS calling out to me to create arrangements:


October late 2009 008

October late 2009 009

October late 2009 010


I’ve got the Christmas carols blaring on CD’s and trying so hard to get into the spirit!




In the meantime I received a very lovely award from Mary Lou over at Marmielu’s Nest.  You really should go over and meet Mary Lou.  She has a very nice blog filled with pictures of her decorating projects, etc.  I am quite honored that you selected me, Mary Lou.  It really thrills me that you thought of me!!  :)




I will blog when I can but if I’m gone, you’ll know what I am busy doing!!


Is everyone else thinking about Thanksgiving instead of Christmas????


Bye for now!!                Donna