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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Faux Floral Event

Did anyone realize I have been absent? :) 

A few short weeks ago I  faced reality and told myself I must have my Spring Open House before Easter.  That meant I was facing creating approximately 100 arrangements to place “for sale” in my house turned store.



Of course we think of spring from March until at least mid May but honestly….the cute little bunnies and arrangements hiding little eggs and  Oh!   the bird’s nest are so appealing before Easter.



There were tulips in red, green, yellow and orange and roses and calla lilies and so much more!


An old coffee dispenser no longer working turned into a perfect container for vivid green hydrangeas, red snapdragons, raspberries and lots of fun stuff!



There were running bunnies for sale like I recently featured on a Tablescape Thursday.

and wreaths and topiary moss trees ~~~




Yummy green Belles of Ireland contrasting with rich, deep purple pansies in a metal garden pot



Don’t like silk flowers?  How about some ceramic, shiny green apples?

They were very popular along with the little cloches holding itsy Gerber daisies while others showed off nests.



It was a fast paced three day show.  Lots of talking with customers and many good friends helping me run the shop. 



The long, rectangular garden pot with pansies, green berries, drippy grass and a nest was voted

Best of Show

by Moi!

It did sell the first night.  It was one of my favorites that I put together.




I hope you enjoyed your tour of my Spring Show!  I hope to be back posting again but my computer is soooo slow !  It takes forever.  I think it’s time for a new computer. 



The weather actually feels like Spring!  I think we actually made it through the winter like no other!

Thank you for stopping by 47th Street today!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Spring Tablescape

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  Thursday is always a treat for me, taking in so many lovely tablescapes.

Tablescape Thurs

Last Sunday we had family members join us for dinner.  March was just hours away so I happily made the decision to bring out some rabbits and set an early spring table.


Ok, let’s see ~~~ Between all my thrifting and trips to TJ Maxx, I am getting a nice selection of inexpensive but yet FUN dishes.  These square plates still had the clearance price tag on them from TJM.  It’s time I wash them up and set the table with some of my treasures.  Ohhh, why is it that dishes are so fun?!


Next, I looked through my container of napkins and realized these fun polka dot green and very dark brown/black napkins from World Market were a perfect choice for the doldrums of late winter.  


Okay, I’m on a roll with this, but I decided not to use a tablecloth, so I’ll need a runner AND a centerpiece….



After trying about three items that didn’t seem quite right, I found this ~~~~

Yes!  I’ll use my new running rabbits!

I’m ready for bunnies!



Looking through my table runners, nothing seemed to work with my color scheme


UNTIL, I looked through my scarves! 


My daughter brought home this scarf  for me(along with a couple of others) from Paris when she visited there last fall.



It couldn’t be better


The colors felt right working with the bunnies and napkins AND it happens to have shamrocks!





The table was set for six adults but I only had four polka dot napkins.  This is where it’s necessary to be creative and go with what you have.  I found some solid green napkins that would certainly work just fine.  But now I need something to place on top of the plates to make it look unified.




These little bird plates have the look and the blue green coloring that’s in the scarf/runner.



I scattered a few other little ceramic bunnies around the table and added some little birds on the plates.



The candleholders are some old ones I found at a little antique store going out of business a while back.


My little grandsons sit up at the island.  On top of their napkins sat a little blinky St. Patrick’s Day button for them to play with and wear.



It was a casual but fun table to set.



BBQ Beef Brisket

Oven Baked Seasoned  Potato Wedges

Sesame Stir Fry Broccoli

Outback Wheat Bread

Ice Cream Sundaes the boys helped me make!

I ‘m happy that you stopped by today :)  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest tablescape.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking at Fabrics

I truly love our “new” home but there is one problem.  You tend to think when you move into a new house you shouldn’t have to spend much more money because everything is ~~ well ~~ new !  Wrong!  You see there are blinds to cover all the windows, many bare walls for pictures, blank spots you never had in the last house AND what worked at the previous address doesn’t necessarily look right in its newest domain.



Out of necessity we purchased blinds for all the windows the first month we lived here.  Gradually {like one set of windows per year} I have been ordering custom draperies for the windows.  Next in line is the kitchen.  We are talking lots of windows.  We have a triple bay window by our table, a double corner window above the sink and an atrium double door that leads out to the patio.


Here is a portion of my kitchen windows…..


Window treatment style I love for my kitchen….  This is a picture of my friend, Jennifer’s kitchen.

Kitchen curtains Jennifer-crop


One thing my decor lacks on the main floor is pattern.  I have lots of solids and some tiny stripes, but nothing bold and flowery.  For the kitchen, I want something lively with oddles of color and personality.  Painting the walls is on the list too and we’d be very smart to paint before hanging new window treatments, but we aren’t always so smart….  :-{


French Country fabrics really appeal to me, but after looking through a few fabric books so many seem to have the Waverly look about them.  I have loved Waverly in the past ~~ loved it!  But knowing these window treatments will be up for years to come, I would like something with a fresher look.


I like this pattern for the main part that would show ~~~~ and ~~~the little stripe would be the trim.  





I loved the little animal print as trim.  Trouble is I’m not sure it would offer enough umpf!!  In person it sort of fades into the black floral.  I am thinking of apple green paint though which would definitely help perk things up.

Do you have an online source for fabrics, especially a French Country Feel?


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Pictures

Who else besides me is excited to turn the calendar over to March?  Warmer days, tulips sprouting and complaints of hot weather have to be coming soon!  I did see a robin this morning!


I have new pictures to show you.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you I received these for my birthday.  Don’t hate me because I’m spoiled!    :-}  (well, loved)


On the opposite end of our downstairs family room (it’s the one done in the fox hunt theme I’ve shown pictures of before) we have a rec room with a bar.


bar 005

See the black shelf on the left side of the picture?



My sisters in law gave me these darling pictures for my birthday and we decided to place them on the shelf.







It seems to be a perfect spot. Luckily the shelf was hung at the right height for the pictures to lean on nicely.  Lord help me if Mr. Brown Socks had to rehang it!  That is not the sort of around the house tasks he enjoys doing.






A house is always a work in progress.  I would still like to paint this old refrigerator black.

new bar



We just submitted paperwork for our passport this morning.  The wedding plans are in full swing. 

It was nice you stopped by.  I hope you’ll let me know you were here.  Let me know you were here so I can visit you too.

Happy March,