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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mad for Plaid


Here’s my story of two chairs,

Two Very Tired Chairs

They are over 20 years old which you can tell by the color.  I remember the day they were delivered and how excited I was with them.  The jewel tones had made their appearance into our home!




Of course they sat front and center in our living room in three different houses.

By the time they landed in our current home I knew they would be replaced as soon as I could find something new.  When the new furniture was carefully thought out and delivered, the two Old Faithfuls made their new home in our lower level.  My friend Susan the decorator told me to get rid of them.  She said it’s too pricey to recover, being almost as cheap just to replace.  No way, I told her!  I for some reason had an unexplainable love with these chairs.  We have an area of wasted space which leads to a downstairs bathroom right off of my work room.  They have sat here for close to four years.  Mr. Brown Socks accurately said this area looks like a waiting room at the doctor’s office.



So that you can get a feel for the area (I’m certainly open to suggestions!!) here is what is on the wall directly in front of the two chairs.  I do love these screen prints.  There is a guest room to the left and the bathroom is to the right.




Just around the corner to the left is our lower level family room.

It is a Man Cave of sorts with fox hunt pictures, quail in the fabric of the curtains and red leather furniture.



After a holiday gathering recently it occurred to me I could use more seating in this room.  There is a big ole couch and two recliners but many would end up sprawled out on the floor after a big dinner.

Susan was over and we drug the two Old Faithful red chairs to the area in front of the window.  They fit quite nicely!

However…way too much red and of course very dated and worn fabric on the chairs.




After much thought I decided to go with this man’s plaid.  The fabric has arrived and I’m waiting for the upholsterer to come pick them up.  They will be trimmed in a brown suede cloth and I’m considering adding nail heads if it works out with the lines of the chairs.




I think it will be a perfect addition to this room…handsome and homey…just how I like my man! LOL!

DSCN4666_691What sort of pattern of fabric shall I go with for pillows?DSCN4663_688




I love the look of these prints on the opposite side of the book case.


This hall is going to look very, very bare.

Do you have thoughts on what could go here?

A sofa table of sorts is the only thing that comes to mind.



I’ll be sure to show you pictures of my new but old chairs when they are done.  Yes, Susan was right…it’s pricey purchasing the yardage of fabric and then paying to have them recovered.  BUT they are still comfortable and they have been in our family for a long time.  I’m happy with my decision.


Thanks for your visit!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Can You Guess Where I have Been?




I feel soooo spoiled!

I have just returned from another trip!




Where else does one have an elegant deer skin leather rocker?





Or the head of a cow high up on top of a vaulted fireplace?



Each peaceful morning

and hot breezy evening was spent rocking looking out at this view.

We watched hawks and buzzards gracefully gliding through the air with the winds carrying their every move.





It seemed like a little piece of Heaven






The shops were loaded with this sort of footwear

(I want those red ones)






Have you guessed by now?

My daughter and I went to a little town near Fredericksburg, Texas.

We surprised one of my very best friends for her 60th birthday.

We reenacted this picture later, but Jamie and I did ride up in this farmhand “Mule” screaming

“Happy Birthday Glenda!”





This is Emily on the left and my daughter Jamie on the right.

We four have been Bestest Friends since the girls were Three.

Glenda and I were 34 and 35.  We met during an Air Force move.  Glenda and Emily came over to welcome us to the neighborhood.  Oh, the memories we have made together in all the years since those California days!



Emily created a beautiful spread of finger foods to go along with a vegetable pizza and…







The house we stayed in is actually a client’s home of Emily.  She and her husband and little boy are living in a gorgeous home overlooking Hill Country, Texas.

What fun to be able to spend four days and nights in what felt like a five star resort.

Good Friends

Good Memories

Good Summer 2011






Monday, August 1, 2011

Junkin’ in North Carolina



One of my favorite things to do is go junkin.  I used to like antiquing until I discovered how much fun it is to go into a thrift store or truly a junk store only to uncover something that really speaks to me for just a small amount of money.




I really, really love to go junkin’ when we are visiting relatives in North Carolina.  When you are in a different region it’s obvious you are going to find a different variety of “junk”.  (did I really just call it junk??)

DSCN4465_503  The dishes are sometimes different as well as the prices. 



We did go into some very organized (but not nearly as fun) antique stores.  Out of the whole huge store where we spent a lot of time in New Bern, NC I only found this for 99 cents. 



I was excited to find the little onion pitcher because I already had one at home that’s a tomato.  Now it would be fun to locate a third vegetable little pitcher.



This good sized vintage Christmas tablecloth was folded up on a card table outside a junk store.  Loving dishes and anything to do with tables, it did catch my eye.  Having to pack it in a suitcase and worrying about not going over 50 pounds, I really was talking myself out of it until the man told me it was 75 cents!!  Seventy Five cents???  Why yes, I’ll take it!



I’m hoping my friend Sherry at Back 2 Vintage will be pleased with my next junk store treasures.  These little pyrex bowls were 50 cents each!! No lids, but they came home with me anyway!




Isn’t this store front cute as can be????

I met a cousin (the store owner) in here…never knew her before!  That’s how it is in small Southern towns!




Sorry for the glare, but can you get over this mannequin in this store window??

Just makes you smile


This was a Resale Thrift shop that we discovered in a little town called Zebulon.  It’s right outside of Raleigh.

We were on the way to the airport and had an extra hour so pulled off to see what we could find.





They had the cutest little dressing rooms and the proceeds went to abused women.  It was a really nice shop.









This little vintage print dress fit me perfectly!  I was so excited because I love little summer dresses that don’t look so dressy.

DSCN4482_520DSCN4484_522    It’s even lined!!  $7.00



We went in one more store before going to the airport when I found them!!



Six beautiful plates made in England.




By this time I was not as excited to be making a heavy purchase.  I knew it would have to go in my carry on bag and we were getting tired. Nah, I don’t need them!

But wait!!

What is that little mark that says “D”??  Could that stand for Donna? ???  Really??





I took a closer look for a sign…and there it was!!

The letter D meant half off!!


I got these 6 plates for $15.  Even the lady who packaged my dishes so carefully told me they were worth a lot more.  She told me to look on ebay.  I did, but didn’t find this exact pattern yet.  Anyone familiar with them?  I think they will be very fun in the fall.

There are two designs…DSCN4510_545





I have a few more old finds to share but I will save those for another time.


It was sad to leave N.C. for so many reasons.  I have gotten smart and have learned to check an extra suitcase for found treasures.


I am joining Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Today’s Thrifty Treasures