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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exercising and Sticking With It

It’s the Birthday that keeps on ticking!  If you’ve followed me lately, you will know I recently had a milestone birthday.  It was one that I dreaded, but I have made peace with it now and it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever had.  It will be remembered forever in my fondest memories.




Two of my close friends helped me celebrate again this week with a quiet little breakfast for three and showered me with more gifts.  As I was sorting through them when I returned home, I noticed a pattern!





a new pink gym shirt

For the first time I am joining in on the Pink Saturday event.  You may see another pattern ~~ the gifts revolve around working out.  My friend Cindy and I have worked out together for many years. This past fall we convinced Susan to join us.  The three of us complain  smile through a Step Aerobics class three days a week.  Cindy and I participate in a Body Pump class two days a week.


polka dot water bottle

and gloves for lifting weights

The secret to sticking with an exercise program??  Get a friend to join you!  Not only is it fun to have friends in class, it really makes you stay with it when you have an accountability partner.  If one of us misses, you can bet there will be an email, text or a phone call probably before breakfast wondering where the other was.  When the alarm goes off, you really don’t consider shutting it off and skipping class. It’s easier to get up and go than to have to come up with an excuse for why you didn’t go! :) You’ll have someone to answer to.  Honestly it works!  If you have not had any luck exercising on a regular basis, find someone who has been wanting to get started too and you will have a much better success rate!


It doesn’t hurt to have cute little pink socks with birds on them!

Let me know if you find a friend to work out with.  I hope this helps you to stay with it!

Getting in shape is empowering! Try my method of sticking with it!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope for Spring in the form of Faux

As you can see, I have been playing around with my blog layout and not having much luck.  I do believe I am the only one in Blog land without a cute background.  Well I have wasted more time and it still isn’t right.  Are there other places to chose a template besides blogger?  Do we actually need a template?  Thanks for any thoughts.


In the meantime I am preparing for a very large shipment that arrived yesterday afternoon!  It is full of SPRING!




I have been sorting and straightening




And trying to organize a room that is overwhelming



And a closet full of containers




Uncovering treasures that were tucked away.

Remember the Bunnies on a Stick?  I hoarded a few for this year too !

DSCN0726 DSCN0727




I have had a few shipments of Spring already



Cloches, both wire and glass

Eggs and Ceramic birds

Spring/French Containers


Ahhh, who doesn’t love the change of Seasons?

Especially after the winter most of us have had!

Welcome Tulips, Forsythia stems and Lilacs!

It’s suppose to get up into the 30’s for the next seven days!  There is hope!

Thanks for stopping by 47th Street


Friday, February 19, 2010

Somebody’s Been Sleeping in MY Bed!



Mr. Brown Socks called me downstairs the other evening to witness a territorial scene.


Miss Magnolia just trying out a new spot for a nap




“Hey, get off of there ~~~ this is MY bed”





“I’ll puff up my tail REAL big and show you cats always get their way!”




“Hey, don’t get personal.  I thought we were friends!”


Okay, I’ve gotta pull out my scariest face complete with tuna breath!”


It’s really not fair, she always wins!”

“I’ll just pretend to be asleep until SHE decides she’s ready to move”






“That’s more like it!” 





I guess this ole chair will have to do for now”

May 2009 012


Adding on to say that Mr. Brown Socks always covers Chester up before he turns the lights off in the Family Room  :)  Ya gotta love a soft hearted husband.

And I have a big hug for each of you who commented on my birthday post.  Thank you for all the well wishes, dear friends!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Happened to Me


Remember when we were young at age 15 and we thought 21 was old?

And then when we were 21 we thought 30 was old ~~~ and 45 and 50?

Well, I won’t deny it!  Sixty really does sound old and now here I am!!

But I’ve had two cakes







And Not One…






Not just Two…







But THREE celebrations!







And even a friend to turn sixty with!





And did I mention

I have so many people who love me and I love them back more than they’ll ever know…


And this man who has been by my side for almost forty years..


Mr. Brown Socks





A sister to share life and inside jokes and secrets with



And our  mother is still active and healthy





Three little grandsons who find humor in everything, even a sixty birthday party for their Grammie!



And three daughters who fill my heart to the brim with love…


A friend pointed out that I have my health, my ability to live life to the fullest and a world full of loving friends and family to remind me


Really isn’t all that bad.  It’s just another number, right?  Okay, there I’ve said it, “I’m Sixty!”

God has Richly Blessed Me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Red! There you are!

Family room and rec side 003


I haven’t abandoned you!

A couple of posts back I discovered instead of my all time favorite RED being used throughout my home, I was noticing major signs of orange to orangey red in my furnishings.



Well, here is my lower level family room and as you can see RED is still very much a part of my decor!

Family room and rec side 002 


Below is an old suitcase I found at an antique shop in Nags Head, NC.  Barb, were you with me?  :)





More Red



A Little More Red






Recently while at the Dallas Gift Market I read where the Hunt Club look is out.  I don’t care ~~ I love it!  Always in search of another piece and something that isn’t in the form of yet another picture.








My daughter and I had the Best time shopping for a bridal gown on Saturday.  A day to remember for sure.  This mother will say it.  She will be a beautiful bride. 

And yes, I cried.

Thanks for your visit.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter White ~~~ Two Meanings





As I looked out my window in the early morning hours, this was the view this morning.  This is definition number one of Winter White.





Oh yes, Mother Nature is still having fun with winter…..  It is beautiful, I’ll have to admit.



Looking out the back, there were eyes peering back at me.  He stood as still as a cold, frozen statue.




I wanted to invite him in to warm his toes and maybe give him a little bite to eat.  What are these beautiful creatures eating these days??





Here is the another definition of Winter White.  



In all my years, I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a Winter White coat.  Shopping with my sister and mother last fall, I tried this on and decided it was time I own a white coat.   Well guess what?  I’m scared to wear it!  It took me a good six weeks to cut the tags off and another week to take it out on the deck and slather it with a can of Scotchguard.


I have started to wear it now and find everywhere I go, someone seems to like it.  It feels very dressy and I like having a coat in a color I’ve never owned before.


My daughter, Jamie recently heard me use the term and had never heard it.  She now has a beautiful white coat of her own.  She admitted she likes to use the words “Winter White”.



This is another Winter White item in my closet which I have enjoyed.  Mr. Brown Socks actually gave it to me for Christmas last year.  He did good, didn’t he? 


You don’t have to know that I picked it out.   ;;)



It’s reversible going from furry to suede and I can pair it with so much.  It goes well with shades of brown or black and grey.  It came from Coldwater Creek.







I’m pretty sure these young ones are brothers, or at least cousins.



Do you have a Winter White coat or anything in your wardrobe this color?

Jamie and I are going Bridal Gown shopping tomorrow.  It’s an exciting time.  Enjoy your weekend, Dear Blogging Friends.