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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffee Talk

One of my favorite stores to visit in Chicago is Trader Joe’s.

I usually come home with a nice assortment of great finds from here.

The staff is so friendly and always quick to give you suggestions of something good and generously offering a free cup of coffee.



This time we asked some of his favorite choices for coffee.

Our request was for a full bodied coffee that was rich but not bitter.  One that would just go down smoothly but you could really taste the flavor.  He suggested Columbia Supremo.  Trader Joe’s coffees come as whole beans but they have a grinder right there by their cans which is very simple to operate.


I LOVE this coffee and will be buying it again for sure.  It’s just exactly what I asked for.


Do you like flavored coffees?  In the morning, I want my coffee simple…plain and black..nothing in it.

If I want a flavor it has to be at night and then not much of it.  Normally I don’t care for the flavored varieties because they almost have a perfumed taste to them.  :(

Hint for the day

Try placing a rounded teaspoon of powdered cinnamon on top of the grounds before brewing.  It gives the coffee just a hint of flavor.  Just enough that your guest will say, “what kind of coffee is this?”  Adjust the amount to your taste.



Another Hint:

Buy your cinnamon at TJMaxx for a great price!



Oh how I LOVE a GOOD cup of coffee!!


For some other great news ~~~~ we are getting a Trader Joe’s nearby just in time for the Holidays!

I’m doing the Happy Dance! :)

Hope you are doing the Happy Dance today too.  I’m going with one of my daughter’s for her bridesmaid’s dress fitting.

May all your coffee be good coffee!  Wish I could enjoy a cup with my Blogging Buddies!


Cathy said...

I love the smell of coffee, but I've never acquired a taste for it. Have fun at the dress fitting.

Miss Char said...

Well I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love the label on the can Donna. I love Trader Joe's too, maybe on my way back from Columbus next weekend I'll stop in Detroit and see what's new.

stitching under oaks said...

I have that same TJ Maxx. I will need to check out that coffee as that's exactly how I like mine in the morning, with a touch of cream and a bit of sweetener. Enjoy your coffee and have a great week! much excitment is around the corner...enjoy!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Donna, good morning to a Great Cup of coffee to you! I will definately try the hint of cinnamon when i make my next pot! Not close to a TJ Maxx tho! Bummer! But you have a great day! and here's a toast to our next cup of Great coffee!!Blessings:)

Jane said...

Coffee is a passion for me. I love the different nuances in beans grown all over the world. I am not a big fan of flavored coffees, but they do have their places. After dinner, a lightly, flavored coffee can be a nice complement to the meal. Right now, my favorite coffee is a free trade variety from Kenya, but roasted locally. Mmmmmm.... I am drinking some right now...with a bit of steamed milk.
Jane (Artfully graced)

ps I buy my cinnamon at Sam's...Saigon Cinnamon.It has a real kick to it!

Nana's Nuggets said...

It's me again! just wanted to tell you that I went and fixed myself a pot of coffee w/ that hint of cinnamon! It is wonderful, I did use my french vanilla creamer w/ this! i promise you have sold me on this little info you shared! Love it!!Yummy:)Just kinda picked me up! OH! yeah; those Happy little "Blessings" to enjoy!

Michelle said...

OH, I would love to get a Trader Joe's...heck, I would settle for a Publix!!!! I am envious.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your new TJ's! I do love TJ's. I've never found a coffee there I liked though. I see the one you got is called Medium. I like STRONG flavor in my coffee. Used to like flavored but not any more. Black only. No cream. No sweetner. I have put cinnamon in with the coffee though and I agree. It gives it a nice flavor if your in the mood for something extra.

Love coffee!!! Love it!!

Sandra said...

I love coffee and i'm going to have to try adding cinnamon to it in the morning. Sounds yummy! Thank you for sharing!

southerninspiration said...

I want a trader joe's ! I do love good coffee in the a.m., too. I have found the Green Mt. Dark magic just perfect for my morning coffee!
Makes me eager to get out of bed!


Paula@SweetPea said...

I am officially jealous that you are getting a Trader Joe's. It's a real treat when I get to shop there.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I have heard a lot of nice things about Trader Joe's and don't have one close to me. I know there is one somewhere around Atlanta. You sound like you like your coffee just like me. Thanks for the paint color advice and for following. I am doing the same.

Sue said...

Donna, I love my coffee dark, full-bodied, and strong. I add a little cream simply because it's a habit I formed sneaking coffee from my grandmother, who used both sugar and cream. aaah- nothing better. I love TJ's and the variety of goodies I can find there. Especially around the holidays, food items are so unique.
~ Sue