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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Second Thought

Hi Friends, 


I know…it’s been awhile AGAIN.  Wish I could be a better blogger.  I do hope there are a few of you who still check in with me from time to time!  I do love it when you come for a visit and once again, I’m going to try harder to blog on a regular basis.


Let me just show you a big project I’ve worked on recently. 


This was a TOTAL redo.  My customer had an old copper boiler that she had filled MANY years back.  You may remember the look…Drieds and more drieds.  Now, I used to really love this look too, but dried arrangements are nearly impossible to clean.  After they become really dusty, it is a great idea to pitch everything and start over.  My customer came to that conclusion and brought this to me for a make over.


Does it make you want to sneeze?



I really try and “interview” my people to find out just exactly what they have in mind for their arrangements.  Sometimes they have no earthly idea and leave it totally up to me.  Other times they are very specific.  Most fall right in the middle..having some idea but not totally.

Betty’s words to me were that she wanted the arrangement to be natural looking with a “woodsy feel”.  She looked around and picked out a few specific things she liked.


I set down to begin this big project





Here was my first attempt for this copper container



Nah, it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I’ve mentioned before that on large arrangements  ~~ after I’ve completed most of the look, I always bring it upstairs and set it on my kitchen counter.  I walk past it several times and look to see what changes it needs.  I was not happy with this one. 



Here is Take Two



I liked it.  I pulled out some of the messy grasses and inserted a moss ball (lower right of above picture) and the long wooden branch that draped across the front.

Woodsy and Interesting. I also like the balance better.

Lots of texture too.

Okay, time to call Betty over for her inspection and approval.



Betty was the boss as this Is going home with her to live with for probably several years to come.

She did not like the red berries and asked if we could pull those out and put something else in.  Her first thoughts were she didn’t want flowers (only some natural looking orchids).  After seeing the arrangement complete, she decided she DID want a few flowers.  She went with hydrangeas.

Here is the final look that met with customer’s approval:







If customer is Happy, then I am happy!


I’ve had a few more ladies stop by in the past week, so more work to do.

Thanks for coming by to see me!



10 comments: said...

Love what you did! I have one of those copper things and haven't done anything with it, yet. You've given me some ideas now. I may just drag it out and do something with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kimberly said...

I love the finished project!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I think most of us don't know exactly what we want until we see it. You were very accommodating to your customer and the result is beautiful!!!

Doris said...

Beautiful! Happy customer and a satisfied designer for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Char said...

Donna, its beautiful. If she gets tired of it I'll be happy to give it a home :). My first thought was I loved the red berries.

Cathy said...

Great job as always!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Looks great! My favorite thing is the twisted stick. You really have a knack for combining things to make a unique arrangement.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a gorgeous arrangement, and I love the container! Great job!

Sarah said...

Beautiful arrangement! We've got two of those copper boilers. I keep plants in the ones we have. ~ Sarah

Debra Olsen said...

Nicee blog