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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Frog Went a Courtin’



Does anyone remember that song?  My mom and sister and I used to sing that over and over when I was little.  I still love the catchy tune and sing it to my grandsons.  Not sure they like it like I did though.  um hum, um hummmm.


I have a frog story for you. 


Last summer Mr. Brown Socks told Jamie and me he had a pet frog that hung out around our house.  He said he was always on the lookout for the frog when he ran the mower so he wouldn’t nail him.  He even named his pet frog.  His name was Hans.  Mr. Brown Socks liked Hans because he said he ate bugs in the garden.  Personally I think he just had a soft spot for the little warty critter.



One evening last summer Jamie and I were returning home from a walk and saw a smashed frog in the road.  Jamie came in and broke the news to her Dad that Hans was no longer.  He had met up with a car.  Honestly we didn’t think it was Hans, but it made for a good story.  Do you think we are warped now? :-{







Well Good News!!  When I was working in the garden a couple weeks back I found Hans!  He is alive!  He’s cute, isn’t he?

I do enjoy this picture of him.




Looking around my yard I’ve discovered that without even realizing it, I have a frog collection of sorts.


This one watching over the pansies is rather small.








And this one is rather large.

Both were purchased at estate sales.  Frogs must have really been popular back in the day.



Here we have a copper frog watering can.





I was having fun snapping pictures of Maggie while outside.

She here through the yarrow?










We’ve had a few 100 degree days and a lot of cool days so far this summer.

Finally we are starting to feel warmer days and even noticed the tomato plants are taking off.

I’m so anxious to pick tomatoes and cucumbers, but that’s a little while off.



For the first time this growing season, I am happy to join Glenda over at Tootsie Time.

Let’s go over and see what people are growing.


Hans says “See ya later!”



Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

He is, indeed, a very handsome frog!! He'd be quite a prince, I'm sure, if you kissed him!!! : ) Love the photos!!!

~ Wendy

Miss Char said...

Ribbit,ribbit from Michigan!

Sarah said...

Donna, that's one of my favorite songs. I used it every year when I taught school. It is so cute with the story it tells. Glad Hans is still in the garden. ;-)
~ Sarah

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Such a cutie, that Hans!
Love the little racing stripe too.
I forgot to listen to the froggy song link. Will go check that out now!
Cute kitty too.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I do know that song too!

Donna said...

Very nice photos, and, yes I know that song.

Paula@SweetPea said...

Fun posts! I enjoyed your froggy pictures along with your pretty flower and kitty pictures. Glad Mr. Hans survived the winter!

Nancy said...

Hans looks very healthy. Are you sure Mr. Brown Socks isn't bringing in extra bugs for him? Plus, with all that statutes that look like him, I'm sure he feels right at home in your yard. Heck, I don't blame him for living there!

I wish I had frogs. No frogs around here. We used to have frogs. No doubt all the chemicals that people put on their yards killed them all.

Carla said...

Every garden MUST have a cat guardian, and frog care taker. (thank you for not sharing the flat frog;)
I have lots of frog things, and love my froggy friends. Especially when I see my tree frog family each year. Go Hans!! (stay away from Ms Mousie, she's bad news;)

Cathy said...

Love all your flower pictures and Maggie. Hans the frog...:)

Paula said...

what lovely flowers! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your cute little frog! Paula from Idaho

Shirley said...

I remember the frog courting song from elementary school! Lol! Your garden is looking lovely.

stitching under oaks said...

we have a frog friend who lives in our yard too...except he is a sticky foot frog..I always find him on my deck. I've yet to find him this summer. I'll be on the lookout now since reading about your Hans. Perhaps Hans needs some extra love....maybe that was Gretel, his true love, who came to her sudden end in the street? I hope not. See, I'm as warped as you are...hope all is well with your wonderful family...I've had you all in my prayers.

Unknown said...

So glad Hans didn't croak...okay that was bad....

Babs said...

Donna, Hans is sooo cute. We have a distant cousin of his at our house. It's a little green tree frog that lives in our pots on the deck. I see it occasionally when I'm watering. LOVE your copper frog watering can. Maggie looks like she's enjoying her time in your garden.She looks so much like one of the feral cats we feed.
Bye for now,

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Glad Hans survived! :) I went on a garden tour in the spring and there were frogs everywhere! I guess they will always be "in style" for the garden. Oh who cares about what's in style...let's do what we like! Deal? :)

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