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Thursday, January 21, 2010

While I was away at market…

I see all you talented people have been doing what you do best!  Creating new looks for your home, tackling home projects, cooking up good food and just blogging your little hearts out.


              In the meantime I’ve been walking all over Dallas Market


                     This picture is taken from about the seventh floor

                                           Here’s Up


                                        And here’s looking down….


There are approximately seventeen floors and it’s blocks wide.  Even with all these many, many people and  showrooms and steps we took, I managed to find a blogging buddy, Kristen!  We had planned this out ahead so we would be sure to find each other in the crowd.


I know many of you adore her blog.  She is extremely talented.  None of you will be surprised when I tell you she is just as sweet as she is creative!  Oh!  I ordered one of her great frames that she brought for me!  It’s beautiful….


Oh my, I could be her mother!!! ;;;)  Isn’t she cute?


We were getting a glare from the window, but it just seems appropriate to show you a pic in front of a floral showroom!  Most of my time is spent in floral and I know Kristen was doing some looking around too.  I met her friend, Sherry too.  Another nice lady!  I would love to see her floral work as well.



Here is an article from a publication I picked up at market called Home Accents Today.  It’s always very interesting to see their picks each year for what’s in and what’s out.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of these points.  How about you?  I wonder who decides this?


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Retail update

Susan Dickenson, Retail Editor -- Home Accents Today, 1/1/2010

An interesting thing happened when I solicited retailers' picks for this month's annual In & Out list — I received about three times as many "Ins" as "Outs." Is it the result of better inventory management? Positive thinking? Or, in these recessionary times, a sort of "Stand by Your Manufacturer" loyalty?

As in years past, the results represent a variety of geographic areas, store sizes, merchandise categories and price ranges. They also reflect a variety of tastes — for some, blue is definitely out while others are selling it in every shade; some retailers say shine and metallics are flying off the shelves, other shops are shunning sheen.


in's  what is selling
in's  what is selling


  • Red
  • Purple, in all hues
  • Primary colors
  • Bright colors and combos, especially green and blue
  • Muted tones, such as browns and grays
  • Orange, red, brown and blue combinations for textiles
  • Pillows with bling in stitching, beads and/or fringe
  • Plum and light blue replacing brown and blue color schemes
  • "In the new year, our products will focus on what we saw at market — gold, yellow, teal and brown, plus black and white combinations"
  • Greenery that leans toward natural garden and spice variety
  • In florals: Burnt orange, bright to arid yellows and golds, deep reds and burgundy
  • Mixing old with new
  • Character
  • Pairing upholstery covered in natural fabrics like linen with rustic, old (or old-looking) case pieces
  • Understated chic, comfortable, well-priced goods.
  • Homey, "we've-had-this-old-expensive-thing-forever" looks
  • Candles
  • Throws
  • Pottery
  • Small artwork, like canvases and framed prints
  • "Repurposed, reclaimed, recycled furniture and accessories."
  • Monkeys
  • Bling Western styles: soft leather lampshades with gemstone beads, barbed-wire chandeliers with crystal embellishments
  • Cozy, warm chenille throws in all price ranges and colors
  • Crosses, religious items, inspirational sayings, motifs, words
  • "We are in a coastal community so everything nautical.
  • Crosses
  • Nature
  • Animal prints
  • Animal prints in non-traditional colorways
  • Large scale floral prints
  • Fleur de lis
  • Butterflies
  • Honeybees
  • Bird themes
  • Geometric repeats
  • Facets
  • Barware
  • Chrome
  • Silvery blues
  • Metallic and embellished wallpapers
  • Mirrored dining table pads
  • Bedding
  • Metallic leather
  • Cashmere blankets
  • Crystal ... everything!
  • Tone-on-tone damask
  • Original artwork purchased as investment
  • Americana
  • Mediterranean
  • Antique chairs upholstered in modern fabrics
  • Photo frames
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Quantity over quality
  • Anything too shiny
  • Showy labels
  • Formality
  • Firm pricing
  • Tea accessories
  • Over-the-top ornaments
  • Antique gold
  • Matchy-matchy bedding ensembles
  • Exaggerated arms on upholstered seating
  • Fussy floral arrangements
  • Equestrian/hunt themes
  • Black lampshades
  • Mass-produced artwork
  • Tuscany



The one that makes my hair stand on end is the point about the hunt theme is “out”!  I just did my family room in hunt theme and  love it!  Are there any on this list you don’t agree with?

Personally, I think if we love something and it makes us comfortable in our home, it is never really out.  It’s just the way we like it, like good food for the soul, it’s the way we’ve put together what we love.

                It’s good to be home with my dust and my decor!



Paula@SweetPea said...

Welcome home! I'm sure that your basement will soon be full of boxes once your orders from the market start to roll in. I'm looking forward to seeing what you purchased.

It's neat that you got to see Kristen.

Nancy said...

Thankfully I don't see anything from this summer's remodel on the out list. And, I'm not sad to see the blue/brown go. Never could warm up to that. I am currently shopping for new wall hangings.... wish investment artwork was in the budget. :(

Melissa Miller said...

Donna you and Kristen look so gorgeous! How neat that you got to meet in person. I wish I could meet both of you as well. Sigh...:)

Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing the "ins" and "outs". They are interesting to read. I know your new hunter themed family room is stunning!
Love it!

Have a blessed week. ~Melissa :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

"Personally, I think if we love something and it makes us comfortable in our home, it is never really out. It’s just the way we like it, like good food for the soul, it’s the way we’ve put together what we love."

I think you said it best, Donna!! :)

marmielu said...

I must agree with you about the in and out stuff. I think if you decorate with what's comfortable and appealing to you, it's fine. You're the one that has to live with it day in and day out. I had to laugh though, because that "In" list was so inclusive!
I bet it was fun meeting up with another blogger. Glad you're back to your own dust!
Mary Lou

Gypsy Heart said...

I agree with Amanda's quote from you! I do not adopt a trend or color just because it's "in". I think it's great that you and Kristen were able to meet ~ such a nice pic of both of you.

I'm glad you're home and can rest.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Chase said...

Hi Donna, it was so nice to meet you too! Yes, I wish we could have had more time...Sherry moves so fast I can hardly keep up! lol...she thought you were so nice too! We ended up ordering a few easter things and some Christmas things at Burton and Burton. We also looked at some furniture for a client. Most of the time I was in cash n carry. I ended up buying several strands of the beads and crystals to make jewelry with. I am going to put some items in my Etsy store soon. I really wasn't planning on buying beads, but they were a really good price and so pretty! Who knows if they sell...I'm making what I like just in! I have never had anyone tell me not to take pictures in showrooms, but I have to say that I am a little sneaky...I know that's bad! Flash off...Well, maybe we can meet up again sometime. I will probably go back in June. I'll have to go to cash n carry if I sell some of this jewelry! I hope you found alot of good spring sure and post what you make, I love seeing it! Kristen

Kristens Creations said...

I'm sure you figured out that is me above...I didn't realize Chase was signed! He has his own little website.

Beverly said...

Welcome back. My friend that I blogged about last week was in Dallas buying for her store. It was her first time to the Dallas one and she loved it. Can't wait to see what she ordered. It must have been awesome. Your picture looking up at the 7 floors was amazing.
I agree with you...I don't pay too much attention to what is in or out. I just like what I feel comfortable with and heck it always comes back sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Well I don't always follow trends but what pleases me. I am in love with orange right now and have it scattered in my LR/DR and kitchen. I used to be all shabby chic but that went bye bye a couple years ago. Is that still in? Just wondered.


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How fun, Donna! And I am so glad that you and Kristen met. I wondered about that last year. And thanks for the list. It looks like frenchy things are still in. Good...'cause I'm not changing! lol Thanks for taking us along...hugs...Debbie

Anonymous said...

Monkeys are in...hmmm...(mental not to self...look for vintage monkeys). Loved the list Donna but like you I think the classics, like your hunt scenes, never ever go out of style.

Donna said...


Thanks for inviting me over. I think Magnolia is adorable. Love that name for a kitty. I will be checking out your wonderful blog after supper. :)

D @ Sunny Side

sheila from life @ #17 said...

okay, an equestrian theme is never "out" is a classic just like black lamp shades and antique gold...Lord help...but I do love me some Bee Theme, LOL! and I just picked up orange paint chips for the kitchen...

but I'm channeling Emerald Green for some reason in my closet...I have no idea...