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Monday, January 11, 2010

Planning a Wedding

My daughter Jamie and I attended a local Bridal Show yesterday.  It’s just what we needed to start our minds racing about all the plans that need to be made.


Some of you may remember Dan proposed to Jamie at a Mystery Dinner “Titanic” party at her sister’s last October.

Mystery Dinner Titanic Oct.2009 022

Miss Tessie Anderson said  YES!

Mystery Dinner Titanic Oct.2009 017


We sat through a lengthy but enjoyable style show.  The dress shown below is ever so slightly similar to one of our favorite designs.  I do believe my daughter’s face will look softer and happier than this model!  Jamie likes the mermaid skirt and we really liked the one shoulder neckline.  She has not tried any on yet so she may totally change her mind at that time.  Soon we will have a mother/daughter (and her two sisters) shopping day to watch the Bride to Be model wedding gowns!

bridal gown


We sampled many, many wedding cakes.  Funny that most vendors were serving chocolate.  I just had to show you this wedding cake below.  A family friend’s daughter was married last summer.  The bride’s sister made this cake!!  Isn’t it absolutely picture perfect beautiful?  She is only twenty something and I can see a future in cake decorating for her if that’s what she chooses!



This is called Basket Weave

Jordan's wedding cake


We have been talking about flowers.  This will be a fall wedding and she is considering a burnt red/orange. 



She likes callas, hydrangeas and roses.  I am trying to decide if I want to tackle the flowers.  I have been a floral arranger for twenty years but have not done wedding bouquets.  This will be a destination wedding to Mexico and I may try doing the flowers since we won’t need so many.


Are any of you helping to plan a wedding this year? 




Domestic Designer said...

Welcome to the club!:-) You are in for a lot of fun. My daughter and I are having a great time planning her late spring wedding. Can't wait to hear all the details.

Grandma Honey said...

You're right, that model does not look too happy.
Have fun planning the wedding!!

Beverly said...

This brought back many fond memories. Haven't helped plan a wedding in many years, but I was blessed to get to help with all three of my sons wedding. Even though it was exhausting, it was a very bonding time with my DIL's to be.

Michelle said...

Oh, y'all are going to have so much fun!!!! I can't wait to live vicariously through you (I am not ready for the wedding bells in this family!).

stitching under oaks said...

such wonderful things in store for you and your daughter as you make all these fun choices! so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun I have not planned a wedding YET !!!

Do you know Kat over at Just a Beach Kat.. her daughter is getting married too..

The wedding dress you showed is beautiful....she'll know hers when she trys it on...

And that pretty...chocolate I have to say is my fave...

Happy New Year to you !!!

Kathy :)

Gypsy Heart said...

How exciting for all of you! My daughter & son-in-law had a destination wedding in the Bahamas. She was extremely pleased and everything went off perfectly, no problems. Her hair & make-up were done as part of the deal and the flowers/cake were gorgeous. I'm not sure if you have a package like that...if so, you wouldn't have to concern yourself with the flowers. :-)

Keep us posted as you go ~

Jane said...

I helped with my youngest son's wedding last year (there are some photos in my older posts). It was an outdoor wedding. This year, my eldest son and his fiance are planning their wedding. Lots of discussions and searches going on here.

I imagine you will have to order your flowers in Mexico...I don't think you can transport them there. But so many of the flowers come from growers there...should not be too difficult. For young son's wedding, I did the flower arrangements for the ceremony and gladiolas and leather leaf ferns for the arrangements. We used and were greatly pleased with the flowers.

My friend's daughter was married in south FL last week, just as the COLD temps arrived. Her attendents carried simple bouquets of gerbera daisies, gently wired together and tied with ribbons. Her floral arrangements and table centerpieces had orchids, ordered from Sam's Club (gorgeous!) and native tropical plants, such as palm fronds, palmetto leaves, sea grapes and crotons. All, except for the orchids, were cut from the bride's yard. The arrangements were gorgeous!!!

Have fun with your daughter...and be sure to listen to her and her groom's ideas.
Jane (artfully graced)

Paula@SweetPea said...

I really like the dress that Jamie is considering and that cake is something else! A destination wedding seems like it would be easier to plan because you couldn't go overboard on little things because you've got to bring it all with you. It's going to be fun to hear about the details as you all make decisions.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Donna! How fun to plan a wedding! My daughter got married a year and a half ago, but didn't let me decide much! lol I love that gown...gorgeous! Chocolate wedding cakes...interesting! I have always thought the groom got the best cake! know I love your cute header!! I hope you are staying warm! We are freezing down here! Have a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I've seen some of your arrangements and I say, JUMP in and do it! It will make her flowers so special if you do them! :) But that's just my opinion!
Hugs! Enjoy! :)

susan said...

What fun you are in for! Our daughter (one and only) got married last summer and we had such a good time planning together. I hope every minute is enjoyable. Just remember--do what you can and don't sweat the things you can't control!

Unknown said...

Hi Donna, just saw your title and had to stop by, my son will be getting married in the fall also, Oct. 23, it is exciting, but i have already learned from many others that being the mother of the groom, means that you are to wear beige and keep your mouth shut, this is hard for me, but i am managing, lol. I do have a daughter, so I will get to be more involved in hers in the future. Have a great time, cant wait to see all the planning! Sue

marmielu said...

Fun times! When my daughter was married in "08, we did the flowers ourselves. We basically did just hers and her attendants, as her wedding was very simple. But, I gotta tell you, it was a little scary knowing that I had to do that so close to the final day, because there's so much detaily stuff at the end. That said, I would probably consider it for my other daughter when the time comes.
That wedding cake is beautiful. I tried my hand at cake decorating years ago, and enjoyed it. My daughter's cake was white and chocolate layers with raspberry jam in between! Good eats!
Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, I planned my son's long distance wedding 10 years ago...not easy and I only had to do the rehearsal. I carted boxes of magnolia leaves from VA. to Illinois. You couldn't dare do that now on an airplane and if you shipped in the size boxes I used it would cost a fortune.