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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mad for Plaid


Here’s my story of two chairs,

Two Very Tired Chairs

They are over 20 years old which you can tell by the color.  I remember the day they were delivered and how excited I was with them.  The jewel tones had made their appearance into our home!




Of course they sat front and center in our living room in three different houses.

By the time they landed in our current home I knew they would be replaced as soon as I could find something new.  When the new furniture was carefully thought out and delivered, the two Old Faithfuls made their new home in our lower level.  My friend Susan the decorator told me to get rid of them.  She said it’s too pricey to recover, being almost as cheap just to replace.  No way, I told her!  I for some reason had an unexplainable love with these chairs.  We have an area of wasted space which leads to a downstairs bathroom right off of my work room.  They have sat here for close to four years.  Mr. Brown Socks accurately said this area looks like a waiting room at the doctor’s office.



So that you can get a feel for the area (I’m certainly open to suggestions!!) here is what is on the wall directly in front of the two chairs.  I do love these screen prints.  There is a guest room to the left and the bathroom is to the right.




Just around the corner to the left is our lower level family room.

It is a Man Cave of sorts with fox hunt pictures, quail in the fabric of the curtains and red leather furniture.



After a holiday gathering recently it occurred to me I could use more seating in this room.  There is a big ole couch and two recliners but many would end up sprawled out on the floor after a big dinner.

Susan was over and we drug the two Old Faithful red chairs to the area in front of the window.  They fit quite nicely!

However…way too much red and of course very dated and worn fabric on the chairs.




After much thought I decided to go with this man’s plaid.  The fabric has arrived and I’m waiting for the upholsterer to come pick them up.  They will be trimmed in a brown suede cloth and I’m considering adding nail heads if it works out with the lines of the chairs.




I think it will be a perfect addition to this room…handsome and homey…just how I like my man! LOL!

DSCN4666_691What sort of pattern of fabric shall I go with for pillows?DSCN4663_688




I love the look of these prints on the opposite side of the book case.


This hall is going to look very, very bare.

Do you have thoughts on what could go here?

A sofa table of sorts is the only thing that comes to mind.



I’ll be sure to show you pictures of my new but old chairs when they are done.  Yes, Susan was right…it’s pricey purchasing the yardage of fabric and then paying to have them recovered.  BUT they are still comfortable and they have been in our family for a long time.  I’m happy with my decision.


Thanks for your visit!



Miss Char said...

Oh Donna, the new fabrics are going to totally change the look of these two pieces. I can't wait to see the new look for the room.

afternoon tea said...

I don't blame you for choosing to keep the chairs and have them recovered. They're beautifully proportioned chairs. It's very hard to find wing-back chairs that well balanced. Most of them are squat, too tall, bottom heavy or top heavy. I think they are going to look wonderful done in plaid. As for the hallway, the only thing I can think of is a hall table or as you say, a sofa table. I would also turn it into an art display.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love the plaid. I think the chairs will be stunning and the shape and size is perfect for the area. The hall could use a chest of some kind too. How nice to have so much room. Hugs, Marty

Paula@SweetPea said...

The plaid is going to look terrific in this room. I always love seeing pictures of your home; it looks so inviting.

Babs said...

Oh gosh. I have a 'cousin' of those chairs in our office upstairs. I LOVE your choice of new fabric in the menswear plaid. That'll look great. And as far as having your chairs recovered... I'll bet they're better built than a lot of the today's chairs. Your idea of a sofa table sounds great with lamps and maybe a mirror if there's no window?
I'd love to see the chairs when they're finished.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I remember you and I had discussed this beautiful plaid fabric for your two chairs a few months ago!
They are going to be gorgeous when you get them back. Cannot wait to see them!
Where will the pillows be going, Donna? On the sofa or on the wingbacks?
Can you get more of the paisley with the pheasant fabric?
That would make a couple beautiful pillows.

I think a nice big hall table with two taller wood frame chairs flanking it might be nice in your hallway. Any other large piece of furniture like an armoire or a bookcase could work, if you need additional storage, but it looks like you are all set for shelving in the other room!
Looks great!

safety eyewash stations said...

Donna, that new fabrics are going to totally change the look of these two pieces. It is looking inviting. Great for sharing a new idea.

Kathleen said...

Love the new fabric. I had the same problem, but I found the new furniture is so poorly made. I got uph fabric at the Duralee outlet, 6.50 a yd, and had 2 recliners redone, and 2 chairs for the living room that were my mom's. It may have cost the same as new, but the quality is much better!
I think you will be happy in your decision. Who says decorators know everything! :)

Promosyon said...

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New fabric is perfect way to make attractive room in short time, as per your idea. I have to do it for my old rooms. Those two pieces of chair in same colour is too good.