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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

For months I have been wanting to join Chari over at

Happy to Design

for Sunday Favorites

I was a little intimidated by how to do this but finally decide certainly I could figure it out.
This post seem to be a perfect starting point for a Sunday morning.
Won't you join me over at Chari's to revisit great posts from the past?

A couple of incidents have happened recently that I thought were worthly of blogging about.

They truly are just little things ~~ things I wouldn't give a second thought had happened if it hadn't been for the results.
No, I didn't receive an award or a call from someone in a high office, but the results of my small actions certainly made me feel good.

Today I am asking you to try something similar and see how much happiness the little things can bring.

During late winter a friend I don't know real well was to have surgery. She is in a book club I recently joined. While we are far from best friends, I really enjoy being around her. She's just a happy, fun person. Somehow I remembered her surgery had taken place about that time and a couple of weeks later I decided to sit down and send her a card. I didn't have an appropriate get well card, but I had some cute little note cards on hand and felt that would be just fine. I told her I was thinking of her and hoped she was recovering nicely and enjoying all the books she had planned to read during her time off work.
I saw this lady a couple of weeks ago and she came right up to me and starting gushing over this note I had sent her. You would think I had done something really spectacular!! She just kept putting her hand over her heart and smiling and saying what a nice person I was! I only wrote a note! She went on to tell me how pleased she was that I was in her life and on and on and on and on!! We had our book club meeting and before we parted ways that fun evening, she came over to me and once again pretty much repeated the opening part of this paragraph! I was simply amazed at her reaction to a little handwritten note.
Last night I was in a store at our local mall making a return for my daughter. I was second in line and within a few minutes I placed my bag on the counter and told the young girl I had a return to make. She was quite cheerful and professional. She went about the return procedure very effeciently. As I stood waiting I noticed her eyes. They were stunning, very dark brown eyes.
In recent years I have made a promise to myself to pass on a compliment rather than keeping it to myself. It is such a little thing that can make a person really feel good. Who doesn't love a compliment?
I said to her, "You have beautiful eyes!" Her reply was, "What did you say?" I repeated myself and I actually heard her take several little breaths. She blushed and strongly thanked me, the whole time smiling as big as she could. She said to me that no one had ever told her that before. As we finished up the return, she excitedly told me I had made her day. She was still smiling and truly taking in her breath! As I walked away from the counter, I heard her say to the clerk next to her, "She told me I have pretty eyes!" I almost got teary just thinking how something so little on my part was so big to her!
Try doing something simple for someone and see
how good it makes YOU feel!
Happy thoughts and words and deeds are contageous!


Keetha Broyles said...

You are right! I discovered this little secret several years ago when I decided to be the OPPOSITE of a very rude customer who was in line in front of me.

I think by simply being kind we can bring a ray of light and joy into someone's life.

Welcome to Sunday Favorites!

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I think a fear of rejection is what can stop some of us from being extra nice,you know more than just polite.
Your story made me think and hopefully I will be able to over come my fears and be extra nice:)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh I enjoyed your 2 stories this Sunday morning. I love it when someone makes you feel so good, because you made them feel so good!

It really is the little things in life.....

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Donna! What heart-warming stories! I need to remember to slow down a little and take the time to do just those sorts of things. I loved seeing Miss Magnolia and all of your pretties in your previous post! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Maggie said...

How right you are, saying thank you and being pleasant to people never goes amiss.
Welcome to Sunday Favourites I think you'll fit right in.

Blondie's Journal said...

Both of these stories are so sweet, Donna! When I think about how much we compliment fellow bloggers on their posts, I wonder how much we actually do that in our day to day lives with people we know and strangers. For such a small gesture, it brings so much happiness!


Michelle said...

Donna, you are such a sweet spirit this doesn't surpise me and you share that with everyone!!! Love ya, dear friend!

Babs said...

Donna, It's so easy to be absorbed in our own lives, running errands, etc, yet also so easy, to pass on a kind word to another. I really need to be better at being thoughtful, starting today. Thank you for welcoming me to the world of blogging. I definitely understand being a little intimidated(for me a lot) at to how to link to a party. Hopefully, I'll figure it out by my next post.:)
Have a great Sunday. Hugs.

Cathy said...

What a heart warming post. God used you in a special way to touch both ladies.


Sharing such beautiful and heart warming post in itself is an act of kindness because it reminds to give the compliments we're just keeping it to ourselves....from now on, I will not keep them all to myself, as I am good at it, but to people I know mostly.
I'm your newest follower, hope you visit me too, I¡ll be delighted to have you.

stitching under oaks said...

You are so right Donna...a little bit of love goes a long way! Sounds like you were as blessed as those that you blessed.

Linda said...

What a lovely post for ANY day....but SUNDAY especially! I think we tend to overlook the power of the spoken word. It is truly the 'little' things in life that can make a huge impact! A smile, a kind word, comment, compliment, gesture. Powerful things, indeed!

I have enjoyed visiting your very elegant and eloquent blog!
Thank you for stopping by mine....

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

What a wonderful story. I read once that you should try to pay at least one genuine compliment a day to someone you know or a stranger. As you can see from your two thoughtful gestures, it not only makes the other person feel good, but also makes you feel better about yourself. I also believe in the power of a handwritten note over an e-mail. There's nothing more thrilling than receiving a card in the mail.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. You asked how I altered the colours on my "Hues of a Rose" Series. I use Photoshop Elements and under the Enhance menu, go to Adjust Colour and then Adjust Hue/Saturation. I then move the Hue slider until I get the shade that I like.

Love your blog.


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Donna...

My friend, I was sooo excited when I seen your lovely name pop up on my Sunday Favorites repost party! did figured it out! I do apologize...I know that some of this computer stuff can be quite intimidating! Boy...ohhh boy, I have "come along way, Baby" regards to all of this new fangled computer and blogging stuff! Hehe!

Well my dear, I just adored reading this sweet post of yours! It definitely deserved a second showing! It's a great reminder of just what kind of difference that we can make in someone elses life...if we just slow down long enough...take a few be kind and thoughtful! Thank you, Donna...for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites was such a treat!!! I hope that you'll join in with us again, dear friend!!!

Have a wonderful week!
Chari @Happy To Design

Unknown said...

What a great reminder for us to ALL slow down a little bit and try to make someone's day just a little better.

April said...

I've often said that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way. Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

Sanctuary Home said...

Hi Donna,
I used to keep my compliments to myself, but now I voice them freely. You're right, it does make people feel good, and in making them feel good it makes us feel good! It's paying it forward, because when they'are happy they're more likely to brighten someone else's day. It's contagious!
Thanks for joining my blog as a follower. I'm going to do the same. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Susan : )

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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