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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Precious Time Together for Pre Holiday Fun




This past weekend Mr. Brown Socks, the Newlyweds and I traveled the two hour distance to my Mom’s house.  She has been in a philanthropy sorority for well over thirty years.  Each December their chapter sponsors a Tour of Homes to benefit the Kidney Foundation.  Often times I make the trip home to enjoy the tour with my sister and whoever else decides to join us.  Mom isn’t with us as she has always stood in one of the homes.  This year my sister in law Deb and good friend Penny came with us.

Well I wasn’t one bit happy <insert hands on hips> when I noticed the tacky signs plastered everywhere in each of the six houses “NO PHOTOS PLEASE!”  Don’t they know bloggers can’t create fun blog posts without pictures?!

:(   We tried to take in all the details we found to be clever or creative and hoped we’d remember them at least until we got in the car.

Out of all the years I’ve toured the festive homes, it occurred to me I had never taken a picture of my mother who faithfully spends the entire day greeting people in one room or another.  Yes, I know they said  “No Pictures” but who is going to yell at me for taken a quick pic of this beautiful lady I call Mother?  Yes, she is the same mother who broke her hip in May.  Doesn’t she look great?  One of her “sisters” found out I was her daughter and she told me she wished Dorothy was her mother…she loved her just that much.



Barb, Mom and Me




Mom and Jamie




That night Barb and Loren had several of us over to watch our football team lose miserably.

The good part was the homemade chili and cinnamon rolls we enjoyed pregame.

We fought for the ones in the middle



While in town we like to help Mom do little odd jobs around the house.  She always has “a list” and teases Mr. Brown Socks that he is going to quit coming.

Barb had already helped her decorate this tree in the Living Room…..






So I set out to find my little Pixie Tree Top (read about him HERE)and proceeded to help Mom decorate the downstairs tree where we all gather for gift opening on Christmas Eve.







We found a few more decorations tucked inside a box that I placed out.   She had already arranged many

decorations in several rooms.  This woman has more Christmas decorations than you could use in five years of Home Tours! :)




The Newlyweds brought Grammie a BEAUTIFUL REAL poinsettia  I love the mix of colors.


I reminded Mom she had to water this one as she is used to my faux plants. LOL!


It was most definitely a fun weekend.  I still don’t have my house decorated.  Just maybe it will happen this week!  But first I must get back to the gym and work off all those cinnamon rolls I ate this weekend!


Rettabug said...

You are SO blessed to still have your Mom alive & doing so well! She looks all do! Bless her heart to still be volunteering after hip surgery. Wow!

Thanks for the punch recipe. I'm entertaining my tennis team gals on the 16th & needed a punch idea.

Paula@SweetPea said...

Your mom looks terrific! It's wonderful that she was able to help with the tour and that her family was able to attend.

Nana's Nuggets said...

What a blessing and pics are beautiful! Sounds like you had a great and festive time! Happy Holidays to you and your Family:)

Cathy said...

Wow, your mom looks great! Sounds like a fun weekend. The yummy looking cinnamon rolls make my mouth water.

Marg said...

Thanks for dropping by a comment on my Peppermint cookies. Hopefully all has been clarified.
I loved your bicycle in Christmas lights. Last year I had my tramp with Christmas lights, but this is so cute.
I love the insides of cinnamon buns also. Cheers for a blessed Christmas.

stitching under oaks said...

Your mom looks fabuous! You can tell there is such love between all of you...I'm sure that is what keeps her strong. oh...and I love your Christmas bike in your header! swooon!

Unknown said...

How wonderful that your mom has kept up with this for 30 years, and that her family has been so supportive of such a wonderful event. She looks just beautiful. Glad you braved the powers that be and snapped a few pics.