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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Lady’s Garden

Hello Dear Friends,


Summertime is definitely steaming up in our part of America.  We had an upper 90’s kinda day yesterday, complete with high humidity.  That triggered a very nasty rain storm with the kind of winds that knock the power out in parts of town.  My daughter Jamie and I once again were shopping during the midst of this.  This has happened to us three times.  We are inside a windowless store, not knowing what’s going on outside.  Doesn’t make Mr. Brown Socks very happy since he isn’t sure we are safe somewhere.


Late yesterday afternoon I returned home from my Mother’s once again.  We are about nine weeks post broken hip and surgery and she is making great progress.  She walks with just a cane now and her walker holds clothes in her bedroom! :)  She just started out patient therapy two days a week and hopes to be driving herself in a couple more weeks.


Dear mother had a few projects for me when I arrived.


One was to pull weeds.

I armed myself with a sun hat to protect my newly colored hair, gardening gloves and my Off! insect fan.  It really does seem to work.



Thought I would show you what’s growing in her yard





Here’s her very pretty hibiscus

You may or may not know these blooms only last one day.

Never fear….another pretty one opens the next day.


Aren’t  these the prettiest day lilies?



Very fragrant flocks




A mix of lilies and flocks



Mom wasn’t sure what these are.  Looking up close, it appears they are a double cosmos, but not sure.  They were VERY tall…like seven feet!




Her neighbors grow grapes, but they naturally hang over to Mom’s side of the fence.  I enjoy a few of these when they ripen later in the summer.



It was such a pleasure looking out Mom’s window each day and gazing upon her beautiful flower bed as we sat sipping our morning coffee.





Here are pictures of her friend’s garden

Very fun, and something else to look at around each corner of the backyard.  I love those sort of gardens.






And now for some family news!

My sister and her husband have a new addition!

I’m pleased to introduce you to Koko!  This itsy one and a half pound darling is a Humane Society Find.  They aren’t sure but think she is part Chihuaua and part Min Pin.

I caught the little thing with most of her body in my purse, but couldn’t get her to do it again for a picture! 



Here is Koko with her Happy Mama, Barb!  Look at the markings on her paw! 




Today I am joining Glenda over at Tootsie Time for Flaunt your Flowers.  Go take a peek at the beauty growing in everyone’s yard!

Flaunt your Flowers

Thank you for visiting me today! I look forward to seeing your flowers too.



Sandra said...

What beautiful gardens! I love hibiscus flowers. Everything is so pretty.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Donna, those flowers are beautiful, I have one hibiscus this year, and a several green plants in pots, nothing will really grow in my yard,due to clay like soil,but enjoy all my little pots, but these are so pretty and happy looking. The new addition, looks just like my little dog! However the color is differant, mine is tan, but found that so neat! My "Buzby" is rotten! and spoiled! Love It! Have a great wk-end!:)

Paula@SweetPea said...

Beautiful flowers! Isn't it great to have a mom that you enjoy helping and spending time with? I hope I get to meet your mom one of these days!

We will miss you this weekend!!

Reneé DeLano said...

Beautiful garden photos!

Maureen said...

Your mom's yard and garden look beautiful. And the puppy is a sweetie! Congrats to your sister on getting a rescue dog.

Beth said...

Koko is adorable! Loved seeing your mother's garden too. Her lush green lawn is looking great. Love the phlox and tiger lilies - I have some of those also. Not sure what the tall yellow flowers are, but they sure are pretty. The hibiscus is gorgeous too - love that pretty red center. Thanks for stopping by and have a great wknd!

Anonymous said...

so glad your Mom is doing well. My Mom is 86 and still lives in her own home alone. She had both hips replaced....the last one two years ago. She still drives! She only uses her cane every once in awhile. Your Mom's flowers are so beautiful. Love the lilies. :)