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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Faux Floral Event

Did anyone realize I have been absent? :) 

A few short weeks ago I  faced reality and told myself I must have my Spring Open House before Easter.  That meant I was facing creating approximately 100 arrangements to place “for sale” in my house turned store.



Of course we think of spring from March until at least mid May but honestly….the cute little bunnies and arrangements hiding little eggs and  Oh!   the bird’s nest are so appealing before Easter.



There were tulips in red, green, yellow and orange and roses and calla lilies and so much more!


An old coffee dispenser no longer working turned into a perfect container for vivid green hydrangeas, red snapdragons, raspberries and lots of fun stuff!



There were running bunnies for sale like I recently featured on a Tablescape Thursday.

and wreaths and topiary moss trees ~~~




Yummy green Belles of Ireland contrasting with rich, deep purple pansies in a metal garden pot



Don’t like silk flowers?  How about some ceramic, shiny green apples?

They were very popular along with the little cloches holding itsy Gerber daisies while others showed off nests.



It was a fast paced three day show.  Lots of talking with customers and many good friends helping me run the shop. 



The long, rectangular garden pot with pansies, green berries, drippy grass and a nest was voted

Best of Show

by Moi!

It did sell the first night.  It was one of my favorites that I put together.




I hope you enjoyed your tour of my Spring Show!  I hope to be back posting again but my computer is soooo slow !  It takes forever.  I think it’s time for a new computer. 



The weather actually feels like Spring!  I think we actually made it through the winter like no other!

Thank you for stopping by 47th Street today!!



Kristens Creations said...

Hi Donna, I was wondering about you today! Good to see your beautiful work! I love the one you chose for best of show too...very pretty!! Everything looks beautiful! Hope you are doing well...Kristen

southerninspiration said...

I love the FLowers box, and I LOVE the coffee urn.....did that sell also?
I hope your show was successful...haven't heard much about it, need details! ;D


Sonny G said...

wow, you have been busy and it shows too.
All your floral arrangements are beautiful~! Love that garden box arrangement. African violets remind me so much of my grandmother.

Have a "Sonny" Day

Jane said...

I had been wondering what you were up to and this post explains everything!
What beautiful arrangements, one just as pretty as the next.
Sounds like the sale was successful. I hope you get some down time this weekend to enjoy Easter.

Julie said...

Argh! I missed it ... and I have been wondering where you were.... So sorry. It looks like it was fabulous. J

ksarra said...

Your arrangements are gorgeous, you are quite talented! Happy Easter

Cathy said...

Gorgeous as always!

Sue said...

Sure do wish you were close by 'cause I'd be checking out all of your new designs as soon as you finished them- they're all gorgeous! Hope your Easter holiday is a special one for you. Glad your sale went well.
:-) Sue

Michelle said...

Bunnies and Bells of can it not be a success!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Donna, Congradulations on best of show! The arrangement is fabulous- I can see why it sold so quickly. My your things are beautiful. The silver coffee carafe is my favorite, well maybe... oh, it all is! You are just so talented! Thanks for the virtual open house.

Beverly said...

You were gone for awhile. But it paid off. So many beautiful arrangements. I hope you sold lots and can relax now.