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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking at Fabrics

I truly love our “new” home but there is one problem.  You tend to think when you move into a new house you shouldn’t have to spend much more money because everything is ~~ well ~~ new !  Wrong!  You see there are blinds to cover all the windows, many bare walls for pictures, blank spots you never had in the last house AND what worked at the previous address doesn’t necessarily look right in its newest domain.



Out of necessity we purchased blinds for all the windows the first month we lived here.  Gradually {like one set of windows per year} I have been ordering custom draperies for the windows.  Next in line is the kitchen.  We are talking lots of windows.  We have a triple bay window by our table, a double corner window above the sink and an atrium double door that leads out to the patio.


Here is a portion of my kitchen windows…..


Window treatment style I love for my kitchen….  This is a picture of my friend, Jennifer’s kitchen.

Kitchen curtains Jennifer-crop


One thing my decor lacks on the main floor is pattern.  I have lots of solids and some tiny stripes, but nothing bold and flowery.  For the kitchen, I want something lively with oddles of color and personality.  Painting the walls is on the list too and we’d be very smart to paint before hanging new window treatments, but we aren’t always so smart….  :-{


French Country fabrics really appeal to me, but after looking through a few fabric books so many seem to have the Waverly look about them.  I have loved Waverly in the past ~~ loved it!  But knowing these window treatments will be up for years to come, I would like something with a fresher look.


I like this pattern for the main part that would show ~~~~ and ~~~the little stripe would be the trim.  





I loved the little animal print as trim.  Trouble is I’m not sure it would offer enough umpf!!  In person it sort of fades into the black floral.  I am thinking of apple green paint though which would definitely help perk things up.

Do you have an online source for fabrics, especially a French Country Feel?



Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Donna! What beautiful fabrics! I love the large print! I think I like the stripe with it. Can't wait to see what you decide! We have snow here...unbelievable! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Jane said...

Hi Donna! I love the black fabric! and the animal print looks good with least in the photo. I have a similar black background fabric (tropical pattern) and absolutely love it. It's what I use in the kitchen and breakfast room during the summer months. I had paired it with a small black/white check, but I really like the animal print. I think I may have to make a change...
Jane (artfully graced)

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! What a gorgeous kitchen and set of windows! I kinda like the blinds all by themselves too but I understand the need for fabric!!! I love love this black floral and I think the stripe gives more "UMPF". Plus stripe is a classic that will never fail! Although I guess they say that about leopard too?!lol The green will be gorgeous but the wall color you have might pull that stem out of the fabric too! Whatever you do I know it will be beautiful and I'm sure a gorgeous faux arrangement will appear as well!!! So much fun - enjoy! Sincerely, Jeannette

Jane said...

I really like the direction you are taking your kitchen. The apple green paint color sounds wonderful! I'm partial to the stripe fabric for the trim...but I have always been a fan of stripes.
Keep us posted.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Donna, thanks for your nice compliments on my tassels! I'm having so much fun making them. I love the fabric you picked out. I'm like you...I think the red will show up better and really pop. Although I really like the leopard print too. Is there somewhere else you could add a little leopard print? It looks so good with the fabric. I'm going back to market the day after Easter,alot of the showrooms are having sample sales. Sherry said they will have tons of stuff! I'm excited! Have a great night! Kristen

Unknown said...


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your visit to my table this week! You are always a welcome guest. Love the fabrics for your window treatments -- I'm also liking the stripes as the complimenting fabric. Apple Green is certainly a favorite color of mine -- looking foward to your big reveal!