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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you noticed?

They are everywhere?

Birds, that is…..

bird windchime 002

This sweet windchime is maybe my favorite find of the year so far.  Guess where it was discovered?

                  TJ Maxx! :)



I would venture to say that birds are as popular now as geese were in the 80’s.  Now that’s a pretty strong statement. 

Remember (those of you young enough) how much we loved geese with country blue?  Now birds seem to appearing in every form, color and texture.

My daughter recently found these pictures hanging in my downstairs bathroom.


bird pictures 003



She was a bit discouraged when I told her they were found on one of my Thrift Store runs.  She doesn’t have much time to scour Thrift shops like I do.  She loved the vintage feel of them.  It surprises me that at her young age of 26 she is loving these feathered beauties as much as I am.

Remember recently I showed you this fabric we are going to make a wall hanging with and hang in her new living room?


fabrics 010



Yesterday during a quick stop at the Thrift store I found these….


bird pictures 001


I think she is going to like them.  I personally love the red frames, but so far I don’t think she is decorating with reds.  They would be pretty painted bronze or black or maybe even latte.  I think we’ll wait until she is moved in and her treasures in place before painting.


Yesterday was a good thrifting day.  I also found this for…….


bird pictures 005

Are you ready?


99 cents!  woohoo!

Shall I leave it this color or would she (I’m sure it’s a she) be prettier in a different color?



Last summer I found this little chubby at my mom’s church auction


bird pictures 007

This was right at $1.00 as well.  Also thinking of painting her because I don’t have much in silver.


I think Jamie will be happy with my find for her and I’ll keep these hanging in my guest bath for now…


bird pictures 004



Anonymous said...

I am envious of your great thrift store buys. I love birds too and YES I remember geese!!! I see many bird statues in a slate gray color - highlighted a little with gold and that's pretty. I know your daughter is thrilled that you found more framed birds.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

ooooo---good finds!! I so remember going with my mom to a little country craft store (my dad called it the "crap store") and they had all the 80s geese. My mom loved them!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh, I love that wind chime, I have never seen one like it,I will have to check our Winners here, like you T.J MAX store, great post...hope you are well!

Domestic Designer said...

Great finds! I really love the wind chime! You are right. Birds are everywhere!

Paula@SweetPea said...

You've found some great things! One of these days those geese that we loved in the 80's are going to be back!

Anonymous said...

Morning Donna! Wow you found some great bird finds! I adore the chadi..must look for one; Your daughter will love those prints and a dark colored frame will definitely make them pop!! Your best thrift bargain look good just as it is but I can also see it in silver (but since you don't have silver around much) I'd even do a bronze (since I'm on a white kick I'd probably do white)Lots of possibities!!! Even a fun color!! Have a great weekend - Jeannette (BTW thank you for your sweet comment on my wreath - I know you get the "faux" thing!lol)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

well..ok..the little red frames. They are so different. They really add to the pictures...I LOVE birdies..and have four here in the house. You made some wonderful finds. As far as the one you wanted to paint. I..really like it like it is. You can always change it later..I mean unless you don't like it at all! The silver..yes. Paint it! Even the green it is sitting on would be sweet!
Have a peaceful and safe weekend, my friend...

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Donna, these are such fabulous finds! Sounds like you're having a great time finding treasures for your daughter's new place! What fun! Love those bird prints that you have in your bathroom. laurie

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

May you have a wonderful memorial day weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Melissa Miller said...

They are all so pretty Donna! :)

Unknown said...

WOW....great finds at the Thrift Store! ANd YES...I totally remember Geese in the 80's. I had an apartment with blue and mauve wallpaper. The border was Geese...LOL!!!

Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Donna, I love all your beautiful birds! But, that big gold one that looks like he is Flaunting his Feathers is my favorite...and for .99 WOW that is a great find!

You ask me about the floral classes...well, they had to hold off until they have at least 6 that sign up. I don't think I can do the Summer classes, so I am on the list for Fall!!!! I can't wait either! I have wanted to do it for ever! I am buying a few things at a I am ready to start!...however our fee takes care of almost everything, but I just wanted to already have things bought up so I can make arrangments for :) I will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Donna, the multi colored bird in the red framed thrift store prints is a painted bunting like the one I rescued the other day! That's him and his little mossy green lady. Aren't they so pretty????? - Lorrie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love your thrifty finds. I have lots of little birdies around my house, too!