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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping Finds this Week

You have probably heard me say this before but I'll say it again. :) Many of you can probably echo this, but many times I feel like the luckiest mom in the world. I have three adult daughters who I love dearly and they love me back. We all truly enjoy spending time together. We love to sit and talk together, either in person or on the phone, we love to laugh together, cook together, exercise together. .....and of course ~~~~ shop together! My middle daughter, Emily is really into thrifting and antiquing with me now that she has a new condo to decorate. She lives in Chicago, but I am very fortunate that because of her job she is able to come home often to see us. She announced before her arrival that this was a trip to have her dad help her finish up her taxes and then my job was to ~~ Shop with her! Okay! We went to Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, TJ Maxx, a thrift store and an antique mall, all in one day. We also had a great lunch at Paradise Bakery.
Here was one of our Thrift store finds. Emily actually bought a pair of these and they were marked down to $14.99 each! I thought that was a pretty good price. They are a vintage dresser lamp. One has been rewired and the other works, but scares me. Her dad or someone will definitely need to rewire this one.
Aren't they gorgeous? Can you see all the beautiful etching on the globe? She has a fireplace with mantle in her condo and she thinks she is going to use them there. We also need to find new bulbs as one is burned out. This could be a bit of a challenge to find them to fit.
The base is silver plated. My suggestion was she leave them shabby tarnished because she has an absolutely beautiful antique gold mirror that hangs in the center of this mantle. I think the silver will be just fine, in it's tarnished state, don't you?
Here's what I found at the antique mall. A really pretty, colorful fox hunt creamer to go in my downstairs family room. I have a couple of other fox hunt items that will help me pull this look together. The fabric was ordered for my window last week, by the way! More to come on that soon, I hope.
I just love the colors and scenery deplicted in this piece. A little doggy hurrying along trying not to get left behind is on the back.
Here's the bottom, showing it was made in England.
You ARE impressed now, aren't you?? ;)
Here are my finds placed all together. I found another blue cup to put a bunny on a stick for a gift for my mother at Easter. This little robin's egg blue vase was just too soft with pretty lines not to grab.
I loved the Market piece. It should look good down in my workroom.
I didn't find as much as I sometimes do, but that's okay. I really had fun helping Emily shop too. It was a great mother/daughter day.
Thank you, dear Lord for daughters.


Nancy Rosalina said...

You girls found some great finds! I think that lamps will be perfect with the mirror! I love your pitchers and the Market sign is a wonderful find too! Nnacy

Domestic Designer said...

I love all your finds! Isn't it fun to shop with your daughter? My daughter and I always have a great time, especially now that she is spending her own money! :-) Have a great day!

Melissa Miller said...

How pretty Donna!
I do love the new lamp for Emily. It looks good in Silver.

There are three girls in my family too. I'm the oldest and really miss shopping with my Mom.
Living far away is hard sometimes.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
~Melissa :)

southerninspiration said...

Oooh, la la...such pretties!!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I really like the little pitcher...the puppy on the back adds an extra little somethin'. ;) Good finds!! And I have to agree that daughters are awesome!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Donna...are daughters fun or what?!! I have four, all very different but all very into their homes. All love to go looking for deals. Many of the places we go are the same as you and your daughters. FUN! My oldest son and his wife own a wonderful bakery and sandwich shop with outdoor eating area..and we always go there for lunch. BEST chocolate bread pudding ever! HUGE sandwiches and everything fresh.
Your wonderful "hunting" creamer stole my heart! I have collected them for years. What finds!! have a that little voice in your head telling you to shop too? LOL
We got lucky with our wonderful daughters. Thanks for sharing. I love to hear things like that.
Love and smiles~

Kelly Bergsing said...

Those are just beautiful!! I hope my children and I are as close as you and your daughter when they are all grown up. Great finds!! :)

Tardevil said...

Love the blue vase/bowl? My mom collects pitchers, so I would have probably come home w/ everything you did! LOL! Have a happy Easter.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I am so glad you enjoyed spending time with your daughter. I love your finds. I love vintage lamps.
Hugs, Terrie

Adrienne said...

I love mother/daughter days. You are so right, "thank God for daughters"! P.S. I've been to Yorktown too. I believe I picked up some candle sticks that hang on the wall there and we ate at a tavern.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Donna...

My friend, I must apologize at being so late to get over to your place for a visit! I have just spent the last few minutes going through your posts and playing catch-up!

First of all, just wanted to say that I'm so happy that your Flower Show was so successful! However, I'm not in the least bit're such a talented designer, my friend!!! Congratulations!!! Ohhh...I did love seeing those boxes and boxes...stacks and stacks of all your florals!!! Hehe!!!

Secondly...belated birthday wishes to your little one year old grandson! He is simply adorable...was a handsome little fellow!!! Girl, you not only can design and decorate flowers and interiors but cakes too!!! You seem to have a long list of talented attributes!!! I just loved the carousel cake...fabulous and soooo sweet!!!

Okay...up to present! My friend, I also have 3 grown daughters, however they all live in Texas and I just don't get to see them as often as I would like! But your post reminded me of all the things that we enjoy doing when we get together! I love your daughter's new lamps...they're gorgeous! Oh yes, I would leave the silver as's what makes them so charming!!! Such fun to help her shop for her new place!!!

I love your new little treasure finds too...that sweet little pitcher with the hunt design...will be perfect in your family room!!! I love that soft aqua vase very pretty!

Well darlin'...I have written a book and need to close, however I want to send my very best wishes and blessings to you and your family for Easter...before going!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
What lovely finds, I am so glad you had a nice time with your daughter. We are so blessed to have wonderful daughters !!

Happy Easter to you and yours,
xo Kathy :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! :) I'm glad you stopped by for news on the Giveaway. :) Keeping scouting for those awesome finds!!

Anonymous said...

I love your finds. Nothing makes my day like an unexpected bargain. Easter blessings to you and your family.

Paula@SweetPea said...

I love those dresser lamps and think that they'll be perfect on Emily's mantel. I'm a sucker for anything with a hunt scene and I know I would have bought the creamer. I'm glad that you and Emily had so much fun together.

Cathy said...

Oh Donna, I love Emily's lamps!!! Great finds! I especially love the robin's egg blue vase.

Daughter's are the best!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

You and Emily did great! I love those pretty little lamps, and I totally agree that she shouldn't do anything with the silverplate. That "fox hunt" pitcher is so pretty. I love anything like that with scenes on it, and that little puppy on the back is just too cute! Sounds like a fun shopping trip. laurie

Miss Janice said...

Love the new finds...that lamp is beautiful!