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Monday, November 17, 2008

"THE" Chair

I couldn't wait any longer to show you the chair I found last week. Do you remember I told you a friend came to town for a visit and we found this at an auction house ~ on the floor~ ready for me to purchase.
Carol actually laid eyes on it first, although I was right behind her. We both gasped and said how darling it was. Carol lives in Florida while I am in the Midwest and I had no idea she would really consider purchasing it and having it shipped. It was that cute! The more she talked to the owner the more I knew she was serious. I was thinking and somewhat pouting ;) how sweet it would be in my guest room. I reminded myself that she did see if first by about two seconds, and while she thought about how she would get it home, I told her it needed to be purchased and placed in my car because one of us "needed" it. She paid for it, so I knew it was hers.
Fast forward to her coming next to my new home. I was giving her the tour and we went into the guest room which is barren except for my charming antique burled walnut three piece bedroom set and a little end table. The room was silently crying out for a precious little old chair to sit sweetly in the corner. My friend Carol is very observant and unselfish. We came upstairs and she said, "let's go get the chair out of the car and try it in your guest room." Well, I'm really not sure what she is thinking! Oh yes! She thought it would also be perfect in my home and sadly for her, she already has 4 chairs of her own that needed to be reupholstered. So! I am forced to go out with her and bring THE Chair in. We noticed while carring it in that it has a number etched into it.
Look at the detail on the legs.....
And on the arms....

Would any of you have any idea of the time period or any details about this chair? Now I have a question for you. I had definitely planned to reupholster this baby until my decorator friend came in to look. She loves the little vintage print and thinks I should paint the walls a golden color, using a creamy bedspread on the dark walnut bed and use the chair as is (after a good cleaning.) What do you think? This room is very, very large with 9' ceilings. I feel like it needs to be cozied up with a darker wall color and darker fabric for THE chair. What do YOU really think?

Do I need to show you more pictures of the room?


"Blossom" said...

Show us more pictures of the room.
I tend to think the darker walls and darker fabric.
Happy Holidays
Interior Rooms

Pug1 said...

Yes, I think I need to see more pics of the room, however it is a beautiful chair.

Anonymous said...

More pics of the room pls...what a beauty, I love it !!!

Kathy :)

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Donna, Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog. I do appreciate it very much! This chair is gorgeous. Love the wood details. The peacock flower arrangements are stunning as well. Love the vibrant colors. Please come back anytime. You're always welcome!
~Warrmly,Melissa :)

Bo said...

"THE" chair is so unusual and will look good as is or redone...but I sure wouldn't turn down a chance to see "THE" room! ;-) Bo

Miss Janice said...

It's a beautiful chair and the fabric is so nice! I just don't know. I think I need to see the whole room... Thanks for your sweet comments.

southerninspiration said...

Yes, I need more pics; in fact, I really NEED a visit to see it in person!;)
What a darling little chair! I do so love it. I can visualize Susan's idea, and the fabric on the chair is pretty adorable! Let me see more, please.

Cathy said...

I love it!
Great, great find and great friend!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I can see why you both loved the chair. It is so pretty, and the fabric is lovely. How kind of your friend. Good luck with your decision. laurie